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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. bahamot
    Little to no microphonic, supple cable.
    From brief listening seems like it remove some edginess from song like Julio Enrique's Hero. Need more time for solid conclusion.
  2. toranku
    Looks like I was right with regards to the O2 following some sort of harman curve. Interesting to see a number of chifi targetting the harman curve now
  3. henkka
    Anyone able to compare these to the TFZ Secret Garden HD? I was just about to place the order for the TFZ's when I saw this and the Massdrop sale.
  4. CoiL
    Waiting for it curiously!
    Those two HBB pics are better to compare:




    To me they look very similar and main difference is in highs, which for my hearing sensitivity is better with KPE.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  5. guicnovaes
    No, he used another mic (Dayton) to do this measurement of the Kanas pro. The other KP measurement (the print screen) was made with the same mic (IEC 711 type coupler) as the one of the Oxygen.
  6. CoiL
    Oh, sorry then, I thought he was still using Dayton.
    Anyway, my personal opinion and choice by graphs belongs still to KPE.
  7. ChrisHeld1989
    Delete, please
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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  8. CoiL
    Where did You get it? You measured both? Just want to be sure it isn`t overlay graph composed from pictures I posted before.
  9. ChrisHeld1989
    I just put the graphs together that posted before. :)
  10. CoiL
    Then You missed few posts back that those graphs use DIFFERENT MIC!
    Please, for the sake of confusion - delete those graphs.

    Anyway, Oxygen price should soon come down to KPE level... otherwise Tanchjim will have harder time to sell them due to fit issues.
  11. bahamot
    Hmmm the upgrade cable is really an "upgrade" to me. Love the changes. It really removed some edginess.
    Just noticed Ed Sheeran's voice in Perfect becomes a tiny bit smoother (just like the case in Enrique Iglesias in "hero").

    I don't understand why they didn't use this upgrade cable as Oxygen standard cable.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  12. Makahl
    I don't like to trust in graphs 100% because they won't show you the stage, speed, decay, punch, etc... To me, graphs are helpful to check if there's a major flaw going on. Also, highs perception are highly dependent on how the bass is boosted and most people have reported O2 as being fatigue-free/darkish treble IEM and the bass somehow better than KPE (punchier and texture) - I know it looks hard to achieve because KPE is already fantastic in this department but... those things graphs won't show to us, lol.

    Well, in this regard some people are having a hard time along with KPE due to the longer nozzle too. It's all about tips and ear's anatomy (to me they fit like a glove)... so a lottery for both cases.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
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  13. cn11
    O2 fits me better than the KPE. I, too, don't put 100% faith in the graphs. They just show what frequencies are coming through at what level really. Sure they look quite similar between both IEMs, but what the O2 graph doesn't convey is the sense of added spaciousness over the KPE, the better tone/character to the mids, the clearer resolution and therefore ease with which one can pinpoint instrument locations, etc.
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  14. bahamot
    Love the upgrade cable:ksc75smile:
  15. FastAndClean
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