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Tanchjim Oxygen Impressions Thread

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  1. FastAndClean
    There is some reports that the Tanchjim Oxygen is a worthy Moondrop Kanas Pro competitor (although more expensive), post your impressions here.
    DnI1VXgUYAAXfjB.jpg DqgcJgAUUAAA5PX.jpg TANCH JIM-Oxygenf-700x700.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  2. CoiL
    Frequency graphs? Any?
  3. FastAndClean
    I hope Crin can get a hold on them
  4. mochill
    I like the dark side and wanted to get these as well , hope for more impressions
  5. CoiL
    Before some frequency graphs... I wouldn`t be so hyped about them. I mean, KPE is also overly hyped but "proved gem" within its price range depending on person hearing, tips selection, fit, source gear etc.
    Oxygen is noticeably higher-priced also. So before running after few ppl hype, I would wait for some FR graphs to see if they match personal hearing. It`s like Tin T3 - for some highs peak can be issue, others praise it to upper levels.
    Anyway, I think KPE and Oxygen are not fair to compare regarding price. And, like some said - Oxygen should be compared rather to regular Kanas which has similar signature and tuning, which in my eyes is maybe opposite in the end - Kanas "kills" much higher-priced Oxygen and has better value?
    Audio is SO SUBJECTIVE anyway...
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  6. FastAndClean
    agree, i want to see graph too, something is concerning for me tought, in the comparison with the KP the reviewer wrote that Oxygen have warmer thick mids, i don't like that, if the mids are warmer than KP that is big no no for me
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  7. Random Lunatic
    Might be an equally big “yes yes” for others however - though I do agree that makes it only a subjective Kanas killer, and not as such a direct upgrade, in objective terms.

    Consider me all the more interested if someone would share...
  8. FastAndClean
    you are right, maybe they are more of a side grade and not a direct upgrade if they have different tonality, i should change my first post
  9. 1clearhead
    I auditioned the Tanchjim Oxygen several times at my friends headphone shop in Beijing, China. All I can say is that they are an excellent pair of dynamic driving earphones in everyway. They do everything right and nothing wrong! As I said before at the Chi-fi thread; to me, they were the closest sound signature to the Campfire Audio Andromeda. Listening and comparing both, you wouldn't even think the Oxygen had only dynamic drivers in each unit. This is what blew me away! The only difference I can take away was that Andromeda's sounded slightly wider in sound stage and slightly louder by 1 or 2 decibels, but that's it! When it came to bass, midrange, and treble, they were both very compatible and full of energy and details! So far, these are the best dynamic earphones I've heard in a long line-up to date!

    Finally, price is the only thing that sets me afar from getting one, since I am a family man and limited to my purchase power. ...And, though this is my personal experience with the Tanchjim Oxygen, they are worth their price in everyway -sound, quality, and overall package!

  10. guicnovaes
    By this comparasion with the Andrômeda, It does not seems to be that warm...
  11. SilverLodestar
    Just ordered the Oxygen last night. As soon as I get them, I’ll do some in-depth comparisons between these and my Kanas Pro and Andromeda S!
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  12. FastAndClean
    thank you
  13. Random Lunatic
    That does worry me personally, as my exposure to Andromeda was decidedly mediocre and unimpressive; it sounded slightly thin/bright, grainy, with ok bass and underwhelming detail compared to other high end armature offerings like those from Noble or Westones 2nd gen pro line.
    It essentially sounded like the lack of individual bores, in favor of that open tuning chamber, or whatever they call it, was doing exactly what one might expect: causing resonances and general jumbling/mismatch of the drivers/sounds.
    So something sounding like them would be a big turn off to me - though I’d be happy to hear an andromeda agin and have a different impression, because I adore their design; I wanted to like them! :p
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  14. CoiL
    Maybe they are also very source / amping / tips / output impedance / insertion depth dependent like KPE?
    Waiting for it. Not that I care much as KPE is my personal endgame but just curious about this "hype" :)
    What are other "best" dynamics You`ve heard that are "close" to Oxygen?
    How would You describe Oxygen`s signature - are they slightly V, W, U, L shaped or rather neutral sided? By comments they seem to be slightly W-shaped or am I totally wrong?
    When You compared them to Andromeda and say they sound almost same, made me look at Andromeda graphs, which makes me think Oxygen has more present mid-bass and some "nasty" spikes around 7.5-9kHz compared to KPE? Otherwise they seem to be tuned pretty similarly with KPE with little raise in 2-4kHz but earlier highs roll-off than KPE.
    But we will not know until crin or somebody else makes proper measurements...
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
  15. guicnovaes
    This worries me too, since I hate bright sounding iems/headphones. My great interest in the Oxygen came after I read the review of IryxBRO, in which he describes the sound as warm/balanced.

    An important detail should be noted: The two users who described the Oxygen's sound as Bright/shrill (Clearhead, by comparing with andromedas; and Toranku) do not have Oxygen. In contrast, the 3 others users that described the sound of it as warm (IryxBRO, Asakurai and HiFlight) have Oxygen, so they are more familiar with the sound.
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