Talk me out of this.
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Oct 21, 2008
I was surfing the local Craigslist and I found an ad for an Bose Acoustimass 5 III. Noticing that it's Bose, I kind of ignored it, but eyes drifted to the right. The price was amazing. $130 for the whole set. I tried to resist but I couldn't. I clicked it and the speakers and sub were clean and they looked like they were cared for nicely. I emailed the guy and it's still available and now we're negotiating who's going where, but being a head-fi'er, I sort of feel guilty since I know Bose blows. Some of their speakers are ACTUALLY amazing when paired with the right music & EQ. Talk me out of this before it's too late. It's going either in my room or in the living room. Is there anything better for the price?
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Eh, if anything, it'll sell for the same price on CL if you hate them.

If you raid a thrift store for vintage speakers, you might do better for less.
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If you want it, buy it.
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Do not do it!
You will regret big time, and not to forget the bashing from us BOSE haters...
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But he will actually be able to contribute to the bashing with experience.

And like I said, he can sell them easily if he hates them.
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If there is no frame of reference, Bose or any other speakers will likely sound fine. It's once you've heard other speakers that you begin to realize most Bose home speakers aren't that great. Not necessarily terrible, but definitely not too good.
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Originally Posted by Ishcabible /img/forum/go_quote.gif
But he will actually be able to contribute to the bashing with experience.

True, true!

But that goes against his will -> Us talking him out of buying them...
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Well such a set seems to sell for $832 when new over here... If you don't like them, ebay 'em

Haha.. just checked the online prices in the US for a new set of these... it's $400. Then we Europeans should bash Bose twice as much.
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I was just offered a pair of Paradigm Titans for the same money. I know which I'd take.
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Buy them.

But not for listening. Buy them, flip them on eBay and put that money into good speakers.

Sorry, but those suck. Yes, I've heard them. The ex had one of those that I was forced to listen to while my ribbons were banished to the basement.

Nevdr mind the fact that the few times I had the ribbons set up in the living room (which was about 18' x 24' and had a 12' ceiling) she would sit transfixed, often with an open mouth and play her music. Nevertheless, they were "too big and ugly" and placing them 4' out from the wall did NOT jibe with her sense of furniture layout.

So we had the Bose. Which really, really, really sucked. But it was small, unobtrusive and "good enough." I never saw her once listen to a CD on them, though my musical selections were quickly overridden when I dragged the ribbons up for a listen.

Anyhow, buy and flip the Bose. Come back here with a budget and we'll talk you into buying a pair of speakers that will leave you transfixed.

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