Takstar Pro 82 Review, impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by BenF, May 14, 2017.

Which headphones do you want Pro 82 to be compared with?

Poll closed Jun 13, 2017.
  1. Brainwavz HM5/Yoga CD-990/NVX XPT100

  2. ATH-ES700

  3. Isk HP2011

  4. JVC HA-S400

  5. JVC HA-S680

  6. JVC HARX900

  7. Bosshifi B8

  8. B&O H6

  9. B&O H7

  10. Creative Aurvana Live!

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  1. J Mirra
    I game with the the pro 82's and can say these beat out all my other headphones inc the beyer t1 denon d7000 and phillips x2.

    The x2 used to be the boss for gaming, no more, the pro 82 smash them, so so amazed by these, what £87 haha i cant get over it after paying £500 each for the t1 and d7000 years ago. Yes bargain back then but these are my fav can right now, that says something.
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  2. Supa Boy
    I really liked the Superlux HD681 EVO for gaming (Semi-open, engaging bass, great soundstage, nonfatiguing, extremely pleasing) but the headphone spoils very fast. At least the 2 I had, the heaband elastic broke in less than 1 year! Very cheap build quality. Does anyone have the HD681 EVO to compare with the Takstar Pro 82 (Bass quality, soundstage, imaging ... etc)? Which is better for gaming?
  3. BenF
    It's quite light - about 1.5 pounds. Very sturdy and beautiful up close.
    Although I have 3 of them already (bought one more with Pro 80), I'll keep buying Pro 82 with the case.
    It makes great headphone (and not only) storage, and it guarantees 110% the headphones simply CAN'T be damaged during shipping.
  4. Myrra
    Nice to read comparisons of Pro 82 to most famous headphones -- with an amusing results. As far as I can tell, they are most probably true. A few days ago I bought Morricone's soundtrack album for my wife, purely as a reminiscent of history (she remembers vinyl made in 70's). The engineering work with the orchestra is a nice example what meant "proper" at the time. Sounds great on Takstars, sounds great on DT-1350, on Sony you suddenly realize what you are missing -- the bass, the details, and especially vocals. Human voice is probably the hardest to reproduce correctly and Takstars are doing a great job here. Even without an actual "voice" to check you find hisses, *breathing*, details of wind instruments... and yep, just a few hours later I'm going through Yello discography and Takstars handles that electronica in excellent way too.

    Well, I wasn't looking for an alternative to T1 or HD-800 :-D Just to replace my broken headphones with a relatively cheap alternative to DT-1350 suitable for office use. BenF did a great job comparing to similarly priced headphones, now we are moving into different level :wink: Don't think anyone insane would search this thread with an aim to buy a new $1000 headphones for $80...

    This leads me to the question raised in the start of the thread -- which headphones you want to compare? As for me, I wasn't looking specifically at chi-fi direction, just using criteria "neutral, detailed, unobtruding, comfortable, closed, cheap". And yes, I know, these are not commonly materialized in one piece of equipment. As for closed, full-sized, another interesting headphones I'd under radar were KRK KNS 6400 & 8400. These sometimes appear with lower price and can fill the bill - anybody able to compare them to Takstar? Don't think I'd buy them in near future, at least while Pro 82 supplies last.

    Also I'm awaiting delivery of Takstar HI-2050. My mother in-law enjoys new tablet, and for music videos she is using very-old-very-cheap-very-ugly small Genius headset -- with a great satisfaction, she says :-D My guess is HI-2050 will make a stunning difference for a few bucks, and I can compare them to Pro 82 also. She needs open or semi-open design, thus the HI-2050 instead of Pro 82, which would be my natural choice now. I'm aware HI-2050 needs some burn-in - will give them 100hrs.
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  5. Miguelbazil
    Same here, I use them for pretty much everything. They are amazing soundwise, and their imaging is a great addition to games, since many times they are built with positioning in mind. With the added comfort, gaming for several hours is not a problem. Plus, when you game with music, or switch from gaming to music, you won't need to switch your headphones for sure, as they will be enjoyable.

    Right now, on a portuguese forum I participate in regularly, I'm recommending a cheap microphone with these for those with 100€ to set up audio. If these are already an upgrade to the 80 Pro, they will also be an upgrade to the HyperX version.
  6. oldmate
    Hi guys,

    Let me just say that I'm a notorious tight ass and I have been reading this thread with great interest!!

    Currently have MDR1A - not bad but bass needs EQ. ATHM50X - not bad either but I am feeling the itch to buy something new and it looks like this might be the go. Lot's of hype however and still deciding so any comments re what I have and what I can expect from these compared to them re are these an upgrade would be most welcome and helpful. It's either these or the M40X.


    PS A belated happy new year to all.
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  7. Miguelbazil
    My Objective 2 finally arrived!

    Now I only need a 3.5mm male to male to connect my sound source to it.
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  8. trellus
    Intriguing! Output impedance is ... 10 Ohms?
  9. Supa Boy
    Between SMSL M3 and Sabaj D2 (Both USB DAC + headphone AMP) = Which one has the best audio quality?
  10. BenF
    Where did you see it? It's unspecified everywhere, so probably isn't very good.
  11. trellus
    I actually don't know, but I'm going off of a (presumably customer) answer in the Q/A of the Amazon listing. Someone asked for the output impedance and the answer was a confident 10 Ohms, but obviously, anyone can answer and it could be wrong... was hoping you might know from perhaps a spec sheet in the box there. :)
  12. trellus
    And honestly, I probably don't care as long as it sounds good. I'm pretty sure my Monoprice Desktop headphone amp (which I have since gifted to my nephew) has 10 Ohm output impedance and I never remember it being really a problem on any of my headphones.
  13. elkosith
    I had the EVO for a very brief of time because I sold them immediately after I bought them. Bought 2 pairs very cheaply and earned some good cash by selling both. It was probably two or three years ago. From what I remember, the headphones have good amount of bass with good quality also. I didn't enjoy the headphones that much because I'm not a bass-head and the treble wasn't impressive. The person who bought the EVO was a bass-head and he really liked them.

    I think by opening the bass port, Pro 82 can give the same amount of bass. Other aspects (sound stage, imaging) I don't really remember, didn't spent much time with them.
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  14. BenF
    I think it's best to compare Pro 82 with much pricier headphones. I don't think Pro 82 is the right headphone for people looking to upgrade from a sub-100$ headphone.
    Usually these people simply won't have good enough equipment to fully uncover and appreciate Pro 82's abilities.

    I don't want to sound elitist, I just want to prevent people from being disappointed.
    Pro 82 is too easy to misjudge by its characteristics - it's way too cheap for its SQ, it's portable (even though it's an over-ear) and it has low impedance (even though it has low sensitivity).
    It's very easy for the "wrong" person to buy Pro 82 and be disappointed.
    Take a look at his guy:
    "The sound is quite good, but the built-in sound card is too weak to get the full sound. There is a problem in high frequencies, which can be piercing, as it often happens in Chinese headphones, especially IEMs.
    It's fixable with EQ, but it's difficult to tune it for the entire system. Koss Porta Pro sounds a whole lot better without any EQ, same goes for SVEN speakers.
    Maybe it's a problem with my perception or a matter of habit. The case is tops, will use it for storage of some stuff"

    We've been wasting our time comparing Pro 82 with $1000+ headphones - turns out Porta Pro is a whole lot better! :cold_sweat::astonished::cry:
    This guy is not trying to be an asshole, he is just being honest about his experience. And for him, with his equipment - Porta Pro may very well be better.

    Pro 82 isn't a "beginner's" headphone.
    Pro 82 is for people that are used to driving $500+ or $1000+ headphones with similarly priced (or even more expensive) DACs and amps.
    They are the ones that can fully appreciate its greatness.

    Someone who compares Pro 82 with other $50-$70 headphones, even if he ends up liking Pro 82 better, won't be able to truly comprehend how great it is - there simply won't be enough reference to compare with.
    They wouldn't be able to understand how transparent it is and how much it shows the true nature of their equipment.
    They'll just end up thinking "We'll, it's a great 70$ headphone, well worth its price"...
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