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Takstar Pro 82 Review, impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by BenF, May 14, 2017.

Which headphones do you want Pro 82 to be compared with?

Poll closed Jun 13, 2017.
  1. Brainwavz HM5/Yoga CD-990/NVX XPT100

  2. ATH-ES700

  3. Isk HP2011

  4. JVC HA-S400

  5. JVC HA-S680

  6. JVC HARX900

  7. Bosshifi B8

  8. B&O H6

  9. B&O H7

  10. Creative Aurvana Live!

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  1. OscarPaz
    Nice comparison @heavyharmonies, thanks for sharing.

    Although I find this following inequality equation a bit puzzling:
    I always believed that open-back dynamic headphones tend to roll off bass below certain cufoff frequency, by intrinsic limitations in their design. What’s the trick with the HD58X?
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  2. trellus
    Thanks for sharing those impression. I definitely am astounded by some of them, at least with regard to the 58X and Pro 82, both of which I’ve had (have never heard Mobius), as I definitely would rate the Pro 82 as far less “fun” than the 58X and also with less soundstage width than the 58X.
  3. heavyharmonies
    What revision of Pro 82 did you have, 1 or 2? By "fun", I mean the Pro 82 frequency response is a bit U-shaped as oppose to flat. I find the 58X more clinical, but the Pro 82 more vibrant. Also, to me the Pro 82 soundstage is definitely wider than the 58X.

    None of the 3 I compared are bad by any stretch, just different, and it depends on your subjective preferences. While flat may be more accurate, I find it less engaging.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
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  4. trellus
    I have no idea -- I bought mine second hand so they had no box, I just got the cans themselves and the beautiful case.

    The Pro 82 sound to me very clean with good detail (to my ears they rival the Shure SRH940 for detail), but definitely have a smaller soundstage than the 58X and I find Pro 82 definitely more clinical and boring than the 58X. They are extraordinarily comfortable and lightweight and far more portable friendly than the 58X of course. Timbre is definitely more realistic to my ears on the 58X than the Pro 82.
  5. BenF
    This may not be the fanciest hotel room in the world, but it very well may be the one with the best audiophile setup :jecklinsmile:
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  6. OscarPaz
    :dizzy_face: You really take it seriously...
    What is that thin headband over the Pro 82s? (I can’t get to see it clearly).
  7. BenF
    Some may say I take it too seriously :jecklinsmile:
    It's Stax SR-003MK2 - if I already took two full-size electrostats with me, it made sense to take the electrostatic IEM too - doesn't weigh much and doesn't take space either.

    I have about 20 headphones with me, but only 4 full size ones - 2 Pro 82s, Stax L-300 and Perun. The rest are IEMs/earbuds.
  8. Joong
    I just put on pro-82, and give another listen to it.
    There are two Chinese ones: Superlux hd-668b with HM5 pad, and Takstar pro-82, which have different tones.
    Even though I have much more expensive phones, my usual phone is 688b.
    My preference has been 668b for considerable period time for classical music listening, because of its timbre I like.
    My curiosity pushes me to put on pro-82 again to find its new patch of sonic landscape which should be new to me.
    After all, new thing is one of the most important things around us, where we can find freedom.

    This thread has been stable and consistent and makes me believe such thing in pro-82.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  9. ferez
    I'm sorry if it was already asked, but is there any way to know what revision i'm buying before i buy (online)?
  10. stryed
  11. OscarPaz
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  12. FunkeXMix
    My conclusion on these headphones is that they are pretty bad and I am going to return them. I bought the Takstar 82 Pro Black version with 1.6m cable, which I assume is the new version with a warmer sound. My comments are based on them used as HIFI headphones for music, setting 1. I agree with most others that setting 2 and 3 reduces the sound quality.

    Music Files: As much FLAC files as possible.

    Test gear:
    LG G5, Ipad 3, Latops and Scarlett Audio Interface 2i2 (DAC+headphone amp).

    Other headphones owned;
    Sony n3ap, FLC8n, ALWUP UPC630 and others not worth mentioning.
    Home speakers setup: Harman/Kardon 670 integrated amp +Dali 2002 speakers

    These are the test tracks I always use:
    This track is supposed to have a lot of width, a sound in endless space, surround you. Takstar 82 Pro is completely unable to present that. While my budget headphones ALWUP UPC630 can do it excellently.

    In these two tracks the treble range is kinda dead and boring. That is my issue with these headphones, they did a bad job with the treble. There is no extension and sparke in the highs, and no sense of space (soundstage if you will). The soaring violins and vocals in the tracks are beautiful and often give me goosebumps. But with Takstar 82 Pro, they take the parts of treble away where the magic happens. Leaving you with a boring sound but with good bass.
    So what is the point of enjoying music with these headphones then? I don't get it at all.

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  13. asanovr
    I decided to buy takstar 82 pro, but I read FunkeXMix comment and I doubt. I will connect it to my PC via Creative Audigy RX. Are it really bad headphones ?
  14. SSakul
    In pretty much same price range there are 3 headphones ppl talked a lot on forum . Takstar 82 , BossHifi B8 and openone - OKCSC ZX1/M2 .. does anybody heard both takstar/B8 and OKCSC and can compare please ?
  15. FunkeXMix
    I don't know what is going on with these headphones. BenF talks about how amazing they are, links to comparisons with 10x more expensive headphones that sometimes say Takstar are better. Something is wrong with the picture. My best guess is:
    1) There are fake copies circulating around, maybe I got one of them. Bought them from https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New...676.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.126f4c4dr7fqE7
    Shipped without a box.
    2) The silver old version is good 2.2m cable, new 1.6m cable version is got is not.

    The above and the fact that Takstar changed the drivers without informing the customer is alarming, they didn't change the model number, nothing. We had to figure that out ourselves as a community. And since returning them to China is a hassle if you are not happy with them, plus the pads are not replaceable. 54 eur is too big a risk in my opinion.

    I will no longer buy large headphones from China. IEMs are a small investment though so if you don't like them you can give them as a gift. I recommend you check this site:
    Personally recommend https://audiobudget.com/product/TIMMKOO/C630.
    https://audiobudget.com/product/BGVP/SGZ-DN1 (NOT GOOD)
    https://audiobudget.com/product/URBANFUN/Hi-Fi-Mk2B (NOT GOOD)
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