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Takstar Pro 82/GM200 Review, impressions and discussion thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by BenF, May 14, 2017.

Which headphones do you want Pro 82 to be compared with?

Poll closed Jun 13, 2017.
  1. Brainwavz HM5/Yoga CD-990/NVX XPT100

  2. ATH-ES700

  3. Isk HP2011

  4. JVC HA-S400

  5. JVC HA-S680

  6. JVC HARX900

  7. Bosshifi B8

  8. B&O H6

  9. B&O H7

  10. Creative Aurvana Live!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Joong
    Fx audio dac x7 is excellent with pro 82, noticeably better than any amp of mines.
    I did not try O2/SMSL-idead, but O2/fiio q1 mkii.

    Until I found fx audio x7, pro 82 has trouble with big band music like orchestral piece and sounded disjointed sound. And it turned me back to th-900 or Nighthawk to get fuller sound.
    My intention for x7 was to get an improved sound with night hawks which has also problem of not natural sound even though it provides with the most harmonic density I ever found in music especially big band music.

    I notice that dynamic range increases significantly that means I can increase volume significantly without hurting my ears with proper fullness of the sound.

    Now my usual phone is pro 82 for the troubled big band music.
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  2. BenF
    So you too now prefer Pro 82 over TH900? There is more and more of us...
    Just another evidence of how important synergy is.
  3. CureOS
    Just got my Pro 82 and first impression is great! Really heavy bass, even with all port closed. Only thing when i would consider to open those bass ports would be when i am watching movie, so ++ for versatility. These are my first closed back headphones, so that feeling from sound pressure takes time to get used to. :gs1000smile:
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  4. Joong
    Well...it is different matter to being better or not, but I just begin to enjoy the phone with different flavor never experience before.
    It can be said that with the best comfort pro 82 provide me with new flavor and now I am enjoying the taste until saturated.
    Still serious listening push me back to th900 or nighthawk, whose tastes are well known to me.
    However pro 82 becomes serious condender to them.
    For sure pro 82 is the most of headtime for casual listen for the time being
    Last edited: May 16, 2018
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  5. Markolav
    I dont really find Pro 82s bass that heavy, its relatively light to me. Of course if youre coming from open back headphones it might sound heavier compared to them.
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  6. BenF
    Sometimes I too reach for my TH900MK2 or one of the electrostats.
    Not too often though - getting lazier and lazier...
  7. Joong
    In my case, there is only subtle difference between them.
    The effort of choosing them for better listening is simply not justified.

    This small world is a highly nonlinear world, the pricey phone is simply not performing proportionally as the price differences.
    When we remember that some of the most simplest electric/electronic devices are just voice coil motor aka phones, and amplifier with respect to the technology.
    However we have paid so much money for them in order to get very thin improvement, and the effort fails us very often to get the tiny improvement.
    In this regard, pro 82 justifies very much with a fraction of those cost, and the cost of pro 82 is simply much less than my Kimber cable for Sony MDR Z7.
    It is insane world to live with sense of economy.
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  8. OscarPaz
    From the data in your latest FR curves, they probably don't need to work much more on the tuning itself — as Pro 82 seems to measure exceptionally good. Perhaps they just need to put some extra effort on getting perfectly matched drivers (paired from production or whatever), which would take their soundstage and imaging up to another level, and also further improve their clarity and overall performance (I bet).

    In any event, we might (hopefully) see the release of their Takstar HI 3050 planar headphone, before any official revision/upgrade to Pro 82 is out. (See page 43 on http://www.takstar.com/download_file/2017_Catalogue.pdf).
    trellus likes this.
  9. Markolav
    Wow, these look promising.

  10. trellus
    Ooooo... first of heard of that, thanks for the link!

    A little strange on the specs, max input power is 100 mW - for a planar?

    But looks nice, I hope they can deliver on it in 2018 since they’re a year behind.
    OscarPaz likes this.
  11. april435
    My unit just arrived. There's strong channel imbalance - the left driver is noticeably louder than the right ( is there any way I could fix that? )
    They sound extremely muddy, the treble is super exaggerated and unnecessarily sharp ( maybe I received the first revision? though the drivers are "transparent" ) My old M40X's were way clearer and more detailed.
    Even for 60$ I'm utterly disappointed. One could expect at least some form of quality control at that price point, I'm not even talking about the headphones sounding good.

    P.S. Funnily enough, the killing fall of my M40X's made the left driver quieter than the right driver. I sold them to afford the Pro 82's, and I received a copy with the left driver being louder than the right driver. Ironic.
  12. BenF
    Send it back immediately.
    april435 likes this.
  13. april435
    Shipping them back to China will cost me more than the headphones themselves.
    My situation can be used as an example of what could possibly happen if someone gets a bad unit. I.e. don't disregard them completely, but rather make sure they're genuine and properly functional.
  14. BenF
    If it's expensive because of the case, maybe you can ship to the seller without the case, then they will ship you the replacement.
  15. april435
    I ordered from Xiao Mi World Store and didn’t get the case ( don’t need it whatsoever ). Anyway, it’s alright. Guess I’ll sell them or something. Or maybe they will somehow magically fix themselves.
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