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Taction Technology KANNON Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hawaiibadboy, Jan 17, 2016.
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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I will make one.
    The SPL changes inside and above the driver which helped the SZ and big driver sets will not work as this is designed for the tactile vibration on the side of the head.

    There will be another vid with comparisons between the 2 sets and performance notes (strengths/weaknesses)
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  2. Ataraxy
    Super early first random impressions. I evidently received #0003. Let me preface this by saying I don't consider myself a super hardcore audiophile, but I really love and yearn for a ton of deep bass yet also enjoy a wide variety of other genres that don't typically have so much. Overall I probably prefer my music darker sounding than most people on these forums.

    I've just been sitting here listening to different music with these for about three hours through a simple setup of a FiiO e12 going into a basic audioengine d1 DAC connected to my PC. They THUMP and they go DEEP. A very clean, tight, accurate, and deep bass without having to blow out my ears with volume to get it which was one of my main motivators for backing them in the first place way back when.

    Certain tracks are next level with these things to the point where I simply can't justify cranking the taction dial to 10.

    Something like Wiz Khalifa's Burn Slow at an 8 on the taction dial is face shaking like no other. It's going to be hard to find tracks that thump harder.

    It's pretty impressive how the bass is tight enough that it manages to gets out of the way of the mids for me without having to mess around with EQ at all. I don't really hear it bleed into other sounds like I would with my SZ2k's. Being able to feel drums thump in the background without giving up the clarity of a precise guitar is great. I definitely get that live music feeling from these with some of the stuff I've listened to in that regard. Best of all it's really easy to adjust the dial to suit preference for any given song or just turn it off all together if the music doesn't suit it.

    Listening to some punk like Bad Religion that often has very punchy and tight drums is great at around 5.

    Distorted bass guitar heavy Muse tracks were also very standout for me at around 5.

    Even tracks with a more subtle bass line is a very pleasant listening experience.

    I love the 'outrun' and 'synthwave' sort of genre and it works really well with that also.

    I've tried listening to all sorts of genres but I would be here all day listing them. I've been satisfied with what I've been able to achieve with these one way or another. I can emphatically state that I prefer these over my SZ2k's. I think it's safe to say that anyone that considers themselves a basshead will be satisfied with these. As a side note, they're lighter and will make for much less taxing extended listening which is one of my biggest gripes with the SZ's.

    I listened to a few of the above tracks through spotify just by plugging it into my phone directly (an xperia x compact) and while it's a little bit less thump than it being AMP'd through my PC it certainly does work really well. 'Burn Slow' still managed to make my face shake, albeit a little bit less. I'm sure some of you that have tweaked out androids will get way more mileage than me here.

    I have not messed around with movies or games yet, but I'm sure they'll deliver a similar experience given what I've listened to.

    The case is very nice and it's pretty apparent Jim and Co. put a lot of love into the product. It's solid and well constructed. I may change out the pads to brainwavz hm5's but I think that's more of a personal preference thing.

    If there were one thing I wish for in the future would be a wireless version. I'll be the first to pre-order those Jim.

    So in the end, does this satisfy my craving for bass? Well not entirely, but I don't think I'll ever be satisfied with just headphones compared to the experience of a subwoofer being in the room with me. Given that I don't have that luxury without annoying my neighbors, these sure as hell without a doubt are the pinnacle of what I've been able to achieve with headphones. It's not even close, and I'm really quite happy with them thus far. These don't mess around and I would happily say that they are worth it to me. Upgrading my amp and dac would honestly just be the cherry on top.

    I just wanted to leave a few words since these have been a long time coming. Remember these are just off the cuff early impressions, don't take anything I say as gospel and wait for more seasoned vets to chime in with their actual reviews before passing judgment. I've not tried a fraction of the equipment some of you have around these parts, but HBB gave these high praise and for good reason.
  3. Vonsid
    Do you feel it will be necessary to upgrade to an amp and a DAC to use the headphones with a PC ? Mine has integrated Realtek soundchip, and it's a desktop from 2015.
  4. Ataraxy
    I don't. If you end up listening to them and feel like you still want more there's still a higher ceiling to achieve with them though.
  5. Vonsid
    I see, I'll just try to push them when i receive them and see if i'm happy, but from your advice and HBB's it should be just fine. Thanks for your review.
  6. Malfunkt
    Awesome video review @Hawaiibadboy and looking forward to your thoughts too @Oregonian. I've avoided going down the super basshead route due to the distortion, and just overall fatigue. The Taction seems to be the remedy, next level and accurate bass, without ruining the rest of the spectrum.
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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    That is what they did. Have you cake and eat it too kinda stuff. Enjoying 70's-90's Rock in a whole new way and digging it big time.
  8. Luckbad
    Rocked it with these at work today.

    Gonna be real sad if I have to let them go to recover from being scammed on an amp purchase.
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  10. Vonsid
    I'd buy that too if it ever happens. Gotta say i've grown accustomed to the wireless with the last crushers.
  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Right off a DAP

  12. Vonsid
    Someone is enjoying his new toy :beyersmile: Can't wait !
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  13. SHAMuuu
    Whats up with the paper test requests lol. This is a different beast from air moving masterpieces.

    As for these shakers, there was a bit of interesting info by Paul Barton @ 36:00

    Tetsuro Oishi of Telos Acoustics (He used to work for Skull Candy) spoke briefly of the Crusher as well.

    Does this have a 40mm driver?
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  14. Malfunkt
    I agree with Tetsuro, I don't think the gentleman speaking at 29:38 quite understands that what some producers want their music to sound like requires that you might be listening to your music in a club, car, or home system that has a dedicated sub where you will feel the music.

    A single linear response headphone will not properly do this, however headphones such as the Kannon, really are helping recreate the intended effect of some styles. Even jazz and classical music, to some extent could benefit from a bit of tactile bass sensation.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  15. SHAMuuu
    Yeah I had the same uneasy feeling with that same gentleman (I guess from Philips). But the Sony Gentleman Naotaka Tsunada @20:00 basically said what you said. You cannot just have a professional line signature.There is listener perspective signature, musician's perspective, studio professional,club goer etc etc. He actually repeats this in many of his interviews. He probably repeats because of persons who keep saying "neutral" and "what the artist intended" which is exactly what the Philips fella said. But I also get his point of view. He wants accurate headphones, and wants others to want accurate headphones. Those panel discussions are funny and educational.
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