T5P 2nd gen + Audiofly AF180 + sennheiser PXC 480 : price drops

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Bart147, Jul 9, 2017.

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  1. Darren Cotter

    I'm interested in the T5P 2nd gen. I have an iBasso DX200, and Twister6 said they were a good combination on his site.

    My question is, what is meant by "Refurbished"?


  2. Bart147
    Hello Darren ,
    refurbished (in Dutch it is known as "second chance" ) means that an item is returned to the store by the first buyer . The store (or the manufacterer) then checks the item for functionality and general appearance before it is offered to another customer as "refurbished" at a slightly discounted price .
    Thanks for being interested ,
  3. bouscadie
    Hello, if Darren don't buy the T5P, i'am interested. Thank you
  4. Darren Cotter
    I'll let you have it, as I have found a pair new for just under £100 more new, with the option of returning it, if I don't like it.
  5. bouscadie
    Ah! ok thank you. Perhaps its too expensive ?
  6. Bart147
    lower prices !

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