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  1. skyline889 Contributor
    Ryan bought a 6 wire pure silver mini-mini from me. Communication back and forth was excellent and he sent payment very quickly. I hope to work with him again in the future. I'm glad you're enjoying your cable, thanks again!

  2. soloz2
    Sold t4t3r a mini-mini cable. Very patient and great person to deal with. Would definitely do business with again!
  3. jtevol1
    Ryan (t4t3r) purchased a Shure PTH device from me. His payment was very prompt soon after he indicated interest, something that I particularly appreciate. I would not hesitate to complete another transaction with him.
  4. bashot
    Bought some HD595s off Ryan. Probably the transaction I've made through head-fi yet. Excellent packaging, excellent communication, excellent seller.
  5. terriblepaulz
    Just shipped my SR60s to t4t3r (I really want to call him "tater", I think that's a way cool nickname). His communication and payment were prompt. A no-hassle transaction.

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