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T3 fuzz: faulty, lack of burn in, bad LOD cable...?

  1. Metz
    I just received my T3 in the mail and immediately connected it to my 5g Ipod Classic and Grado 225s. I started playing Pink Floyd's 'Hey You' and the first think I noticed is that it sounds rather fuzzy and choppy at times. There also seems to be equal if not greater background noise than compared to the headphone out. Is this normal? Should I wait for the unit to break in? Could it be the iBasso LOD cable that got shipped with it? [​IMG]
  2. Metz
    Nevermind - After getting a mad static shock, I left it alone to fully charge. Having come back and unplugged it from my PC everything seems to be going smoothly.

    Apologies for the ridiculously premature post [​IMG]

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