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T-PEOS Altone200 - 3 - Way - Hybrid Discussion Thread.

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  1. sithjedi333
    Not to rush anyone but any more reviews planned before the pre order closes on the 12th?

    It sounds like the treble has been tamed slightly from the h300 but is still pretty elevated?

    Thanks and happy 4th!
  2. Brooko Contributor
    Some of us haven't received the units yet - so ...... still waiting.  I'll post impressions once it arrives, and follow up with a review as soon as possible afterwards.
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  3. sithjedi333
    Is the sound sig V shaped like the DN1000, or flat like DN2000? I think the H300 was a V, right?
    How well does it respond to EQ?
    Is the sound stage bigger than the DN1000?
  4. newdm
    Recently I sold my Triple Fi 10, since I had fitting problems.
    That was very sad, I really loved the resolution, soundstage and signature of the TF10.
    The Altone200 looks promising, I like the relative small housing and it's fine to have a reasonable price due a plain design, packaging and fewer accessories.
    But is the sound quality of the Altone200 as capable as the Triple Fi 10?
  5. Bina
    Can you tell me nozzle size of these? Thanks
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  6. treal512
    So are these not a good choice for people sensitive to treble? Are these hot or fatiguing at all?
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  7. NawiLlih
    I couldn't have put it better myself :)
    I'd like to know the same please H2O :)
  8. ws65infl
    Based on what I've read, the treble "spike" the H300's have is toned down a bit with the Altone200's. I was going to get the H300's and EQ as needed, but when H20 told us about these, I am convinced that these are the H300's with the treble spike mellowed but all the other goodness from the H300 is there, more or less, with less "fancy" packaging, etc. Hence, after reading what H20 and others have said, I jumped on the pre-order of the Altone's.
  9. d marc0
    Hi guys,
    Just to shed some light on everyone's concern regarding the lower treble...
    In comparison to the H300, the Altone 200 is more refined in the lower treble.
    As an example, listening to Chicago and Def Leppard I have to apply EQ settings on the H300.
    With the Altone 200, I didn't feel I needed EQ.
    Also, one has to consider that the mixing/mastering of a track plays a big part in the overall sound.
    If you play a poorly mixed/mastered/compressed music file with the Altone 200, this IEM will more than reveal it.
    Playing well mastered albums such as Avicii - True, Daft Punk - Random Access Memories, and Michael Jackson - Bad (remastered), the overall sound is clear and refined. No problems whatsoever.
    Please note: I'm using Comply TS200 with the Altone 200.
    Hope this helps...
  10. sithjedi333
    How is the treble compared to DN1000? thx
  11. NawiLlih
    Thanks for the treble comments guys :)
  12. treal512
    This would be helpful to know as well. 
  13. ws65infl
    Sweeeet, d marc0 just confirmed something for me....and reminded me, buy the comply TS200's. Thanks mate, I had forgotten to give those a try as I remember when I was set on the H300's, you remarked that the TS200's were a good fit for the H300's...good to know that they work well with the Altone's, thank you for that.
  14. Brooko Contributor
    My sample just arrived.  Wow.
    Easily the most impressive sound sig I've heard straight out of the box for quite some time.  Did not expect something this good at this price value.  I need to put some time on these with multiple genres to check that it's not just initial impressions.
    Thoughts at first listen:
    Beautifully balanced with decent bass impact
    Very clean, very clear
    Enough treble to give them zing - but definitely not too hot (not to my tastes anyway - I'm not treble sensitive so YMMV)
    Very black background with the X5 - really nice sense of space
    Sounds quite natural tonally - not tilted too warm or bright
    I should be able to directly compare to DN-1000 when I get down to critical listening.
  15. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Arrr, the old Altone thread, forgotten about this one.  [​IMG] How bizarre members receiving their samples hearing Altone similar to myself. 

    Who would of thought.....
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