T Jays Three + Curves app Review
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Jul 15, 2011

This is a short review for the T jays three and curves dirac HD iPod touch/iPhone app.

Three are identical to the four apart from the four has added remote mic so I went with the cheaper option, even though the jays website doesn't state anything about the three being compatible with curves it does work.

What it does -

Jays Curves is not only an easy-to-use music player, it also provides optimized sound quality through the use of the patented Dirac HD Sound® technology. The t-JAYS Four earphones have been acoustically analyzed with highresolution measurement equipment, which has allowed the scientists and sound engineers at Dirac and Jays to create a tailored software sound processor for unbeatable sound. This app makes your iPhone and t-JAYS Four perfectly calibrated for the purest possible sound reproduction.

T jays three without curves.
Straight out of the box plugged in to my iPod classic playing lossless, rock/ metal and alternative is all i listen to so i could not compare with other genres.
sound- bass is boomy and overpowering Good detail in the mids but they get lost easy in that big bass, highs are crisp and clear but sibilant. Last of all, sound stage is average.

With curves - straight away I notice a perfect balance, sound signature is completely changed with all ranges clearer and sibilance is gone. Bass is tamed and the boom boom no longer exists, feels like an all new iem costing 5 times the price. Guitar now breaks through will great detail in the midrange and vocals have their own space as they are no longer clouded by all that excess bass.
Soundstage stays the same though. The app and t jays three items are a perfect pair and are the reason I have ditched the iPod classic and gone with the iPhone 4S.

Overall very happy with £40 t jays three and app combination, anyone with the three/ four I strongly urge you to try the app if you can while it is still free at the moment.

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