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T.H.E. Headphonium 2014 (May 30th, 2014 ~ June 1st, 2014) @ T.H.E. Show in Newport 2014

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  1. darinf
    Congratulations @Peeble!
    Looks like you're all set with Out Of Your Head and all the presets. I hope it's working for you.
    There is also a thread on Head-Fi for Out Of Your Head:
    Let us know if you have any questions,
  2. kh600rr
    Yeah, the Out Of Your Head is great..
  3. warrenpchi Administrator
    Lol, one of these days, I'm going to have to sit my fat *** down and give it a good listen, lol!  [​IMG]
  4. NicoD6
    They have pre-rendered files on their website and i'm very impressed by the results!

    You guys should give it a try.
  5. abernardi
    Wooohooo!  tooobs.  I knew you wanted me to buy your amp Alex, but this is just diabolical!  THANKS!!!
  6. mikemercer
    WAIT - @warrenpchi you haven't sat down and experienced @darinf's Out of Your Head yet?!?!
    I didn't know that - slacka [​IMG]
    One of my personal highlights from CES this year was having Darin bring all his goodies up to Pete Davey's room (a friend and fellow scribe at Positive Feedback)
    and me, @russtafarian, Pete, Darin and Alex Rosson sat down to some great tunes and truly out-of-our-heads experiences!!!!
    DSC01037.jpg   DSC01044.jpg   DSC01064.jpg
    DROOLING for the Mac version!
    We gotta get you over to Capitol Audio Fest in D.C. and CanMania in July!
    I'm workin w/ Warren and Frank to help grow that show a bit...
    We got Audeze in, Astell&Kern, Drew's comin from Moon Audio, and a few more!!
    Gotta s/w ALO ASAP!
    I also wanted a drop the LINK TO OUR INTERVIEW AT NEWPORT (me and Warren) for you guys to see how chill everything was,
    and we give @jude a proper shout-out as well as the Head-Fi community at-large and some others - including Darin!
    what a BLAST
  7. Frank I
    Darin Mac version should be shortly-we need him to show that software at the Can Mania also. Man it was really good an di told him I want the mac version for my Macs
  8. jazzman7
    Has the audio or video of any of the panel discussions appeared anywhere on the web yet?  I'm very curious about the ortho discussion.
  9. Frank I
    I know Brian Hunter filmed the ortho panel I moderated. Not sure if its on audiohead yet
  10. he-500guy
    +1 on the ortho discussion
  11. Frank I
    There is the youtube panel on the orthos. Brian Hunter Audiohead shot this for us. Thanks Brian
  12. he-500guy
  13. jazzman7
    Awesome -- thanks, Frank!
  14. Frank I
    no problem was very Happy Brian did this for us. Hats off to the audiohead-He is the ultimate team player and happy to call him a friend
  15. Larmeister
    Thanks for the video! I just watched the whole thing.  The most interesting part for me was the question:
    "What IS neutral?" that Tyll asked....I loved the responses.
    Frank I likes this.
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