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Jun 26, 2003
This topic has not been discussed too often here, and the point has not been stressed enough.

Just to share an experience I had over the weeeknd...

I've not been paying too much attention to my headphone gear for about two years now. One reason was due to the fact that I was traveling for work like crazy. The other was that I was upgrading my speakers and had been spending most of whatever time I have on my main system.

If I put a headphone on, mostly I've been listening to the Rudistor/HD650/Zu Mobius combo when working in the home office. But Friday night, I decided to go fiddle with the system and connect the Consonance Cyber 20/HD600/Cardas. The only difference this time was that I switched the powercord (from VH Audio Flavor 4 to PS Audio Statement) and interconnects (from MIT MI-330 to Cardas Golden Presence). The music was so enjoyable that I sat in my home office until 3am Saturday morning. In the course, getting yelled at Saturday morning because I could not get up to take my son to his music class...

I am not saying that the Cyber 20/HD600/Cardas was better than the Rudistor/HD650/Zu. But in terms of the Cyber 20, this has been the best performance I've heard from this amp. Maybe the planets aligned on Friday night?

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