Symphones Magnums V3.5 Full Mod PENDING
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Jan 9, 2010
I'm really eyeing a new speaker amp, which gives me a good excuse to pare down my headphone collection even further. These really sound quite good, I just use the D7000 or 009 most of the time.
These are the full mod from Symphones, so they include the real nice gimbals and all. Rhydon did the the driver installation and dampening himself, and installed this custom cable. I built the cable specifically for my purposes, so it might not suit everyone. It is rather short, as I had my amp on my desk at the time... just about 43 inches long. It's terminated in a neutrik 1/4" plug. The conductors are bare solid core wire, which I hand sheathed in teflon insulation to provide a near complete air dielectric. Two ground wires per channel, gold plated copper. One signal wire per channel, solid high purity silver. It's braided fairly tight, so it's also not very flexible. Didn't bother me, but if stiff cables are a pet peeve of yours I would think about a recable at some point. For those interested, I might have a spare Grado cable I can solder on for you, but I am really not sure what I've got in the spare parts in at the moment. I'll check if there's interest.
As far as condition, they are used but in good condition. There are a couple tiny dings in the metal cups, and the lettering is slightly rubbing off in some places. I've documented what I could in the pictures.
I have the original box from Rhydon, but not the original box from Grado/Alessandro. I've probably got a cheap 1/4 to 1/8 adapter lying around somewhere I can throw in if you need it, just let me know.
As far as price, I'm not sure what stock Magnums have been going for. Shoot me an offer and we'll take it from there. I would like to keep this in the contiguous 48 states for now, but will consider international offers if I don't get any domestic takers. I will respond to PMs eventually, but best bet for a quick response is via the email in the last picture.
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