Symphones Magnum V4 - SOLD
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Jun 7, 2014
Price includes PP/shipping in CONUS
If you're interested, send me an offer! Lets make a deal
To clarify, these are in PERFECT working condition. Just the small blemishes on the cups from the below described accident.
I bought them from this classified for $260, which is below the cost of parts. The fact of matter is that I'm apparently just too much of a grado head to enjoy these. These sound too refined and full bodied, I like my grados abrasive and I miss the ear-bleeding treble!
There was also an incident with these where a consulting agent in my home knocked them to the floor and damaged the cups slightly... Unbeknownst to me he attempted to repair with a wood repair liquid of some kind so there's a small streak of darker-looking wood on the side of the cup. You can see the damage in the photos. It really upset me at first but at this point I realize you can barely see it unless you are looking for it + have very bright light at just the right angle.  

Anyway as a result my loss is your gain. These still function perfectly, I'm just going back to 325s. Due to people potentially wanting to replace the cups (if ocd) I've knocked off $DOLLARS from my original purchase price. You seriously cannot find these drivers ANYWHERE any more and they sound freaking great. 
I will include the black-dyed 414 pads, I'll be keeping the obnoxious nerf yellow ones for myself. I seem to have lost the L-cush from the original sale. But you won't need them anyway since you'll be using the 414 reverse quarter style. 
Let me know if you would like any more photos or information. The classified above does a good job of breaking down the pieces used in this build. The rod locks are seriously awesome.
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