Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2
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Can anyone recommend the kind of pads I should have? I currently have bowls; would they be fine or should I get TTVJ Flat Pads, G-Cushes, etc?

It really is a personal thing,  everyone has different ear geometry.  I couldn't listen to the V2 Magnums or my MS-Pros with anything but flats,  but my ears are shaped close to my head.   You will want to experiement.
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Same here, I'm a little disappointed because I wanted the item before X-MAS. No biggie though as I can wait a little longer I guess.
Looks like these did not actually ship until the 16th according to the tracking- from my tracking number anyway.

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Still haven't received any word of mine :S

This is what I heard from Rhydon on the 11th (full Magnum mod, not just drivers). He also called the subject line Magnum V3!
Hi [BaboonGuy],

we received the parts from our machinists last week and managed to ship out all of our driver orders as planned. The parts we were waiting on consisted of two items, the lenses for our new drivers and the aluminum chambers for our magnum headphones. The lenses turned out perfectly and look spectacular but there was an incorrect dimension on the magnum chambers.

We demand a very high level of quality throughout every aspect of our headphones and instead of sending them out as-is we chose to have our machinists re-do a small number of parts under our supervision. This means that it is still going to be around another week before your headphones ship.

We did mention you would have them in time for the holidays and thats still the plan. What we are going to do is cover the difference for UPS shipping so you get them in time.

[BaboonGuy], in your case you paid for 2 day shipping, we will refund you half the amount so you will be getting 2 day shipping for half the price.

I hope you can understand our decision to have these parts look as good as they sound, we wouldn't be doing this unless i felt we could get you the best end result in time for Christmas.

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This is what I heard from Rhydon on the 11th (full Magnum mod, not just drivers). He also called the subject line Magnum V3!

That is excellent news. I was suppose to receive mine today but they were shipped to my alternate address. Luckily they're being forwarded right now. I sure hope they get here by Thursday! 

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This was December 18th, 3 days ago:
Quote: Rhydon
im still waiting on word from the machine shop. We told them we wanted these to be spectacular so i imagine they are not exactly rushing things. We're just sitting tight right now. We're not trying to keep your headphones from you its just difficult when your a small company, you kind of have to wait your turn. Anyway i really want to get these to you asap so if worse comes to worse we're going to overnight you the headphones.

My audiophiliac Christmas will be coming late I think at this point. It's becoming kind of a let-down it's been postponed this long but the product still has the potential to be worth it.
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Just got my new v3 Magnums in a little while ago and they are really nice.
I find they they are a dark sounding headphone. What I mean is that they have an emphasis on bass and also have smoother highs. They are not at all harsh like the SR-325is's and the highs are turned down a bit. The midrange seems to have gained more body and is more fluid. The bass is tighter and has more impact to it than the stock SR-325is. The soundstage is also wider and more coherent.
That's it for the initial impressions. I will post more as time goes on. So far I'm really enjoying these!
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Zombie_X, im sorry but yours are not V3. The V3's are an entirely different headphone and will be shipping first week of January to a few very lucky customers.
Yours were customized replacement V2 drivers. The V2 is a very capable driver and with the aluminum chamber it will surpass anything in its price range for quite some time. I would suggest you burn them in for at least 3 weeks before making any judgements. They tend to change quite a bit during the process.
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OK they are V2's then huh? Hrm maybe I'll have to try the V3's eventually. I assumed they were V3's since I had heard talk of them.
One things for sure, they sound very good right now. I don't know about the burn-in though as I have yet to experience it (do not believe in it..)
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Following assembly the moving parts in our drivers are not as flexible as needed and require a little bit of play before they reach optimal performance. Some people notice the difference in sound, some don't. If your already loving it then i would put it out of mind and enjoy the music.

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