Symphones Magnum upgrade for Grado SR325 and Alessandro MS2
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You could just listen to them when you get them. I never really break in my headphones because I don't believe in "break in" or "burn in".
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Email from 28Nov-
"wanted to let you know we are still waiting on one last piece from our machine shop. They were delayed due to the American Thanksgiving holiday. Your headphones will now be going out December 9th/10th."

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Anyone recommend a good way to break-in these headphones?
I'm thinking of just putting my entire music playlist on shuffle, which is just about every genre with an emphasis on hip-hop and electronic (i.e. a share of stuff with a lot of bass). I'll probably leave it going for about 150 hours (~6 days).

For whatever it's worth, and I've been called a total moron for stating this... but I really did feel that the V2 Magnums continued to improve with bass-heavy, loud burn in past 400 hours... never experienced anything like it before with any other headphone, speaker, or electronics.
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we will be shipping on the 9th and 10th of next week so you should get them well before the holidays.

Santa is real

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regal, could you compare your Symphonies against your MS-Pro when you get them? I'm very interested in this comparison

Well I can tell you that the brief time I had the V2 there was no comparison,  the Symphonies simply blew away the MS-Pros.  They handled power so much better,  clear as a bell in complex passages , no congestion like with the MS-Pros.   Transient dynamics made me jump up from my chair on wide dynamic range recordings.  With my Stacker II tube amp I didn't notice any of the bass emphasis others did but my pair was well burnt in and I thought the bass was well defined and proportioned. Truly my favorite headphone ever.   Really hope this next batch is as good.
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Has anyone sent in the MS1i, also do I understand right, that there's very little difference in sound on models lower than 325i(s) or MS2i?

Are the Magnums good for rock, are they versatile enough for some classical?
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The original Magnums were great with flats.  I haven't tried them on the V2 but the default bowls work great. G's end up giving a very odd overall sound I've found.

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