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[SYD] FS: Audio-GD Reference 8

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  1. superjohny
    For Sale
    Selling due to getting reference 10.
    Audioquest AQ King Cobra XLR Audio Cable 1M is also included.
    Here is a page on AUdio GD about reference 8;
     Reference 8 is the first DAC to apply truly balanced diamond amp output, has AES and BNC and RCA and Optical, four separate groups of digital input. Reference 8 applies a high performance clock to keep the timing more steady.

    [​IMG]   Reference 8 uses 8 PCM1704UK chips soldered on the circuit board. This upgrade can bring more detail to the output.

    [​IMG]   Reference 8 has our newest design of Diamond analog amp for the output stage, this upgrade can improve on the soundstage and background.
    1, Reference 8's sound signature is musical and detailed, with a little coloration and a little on the warm side, and will be forgiving of poor recordings. Reference 9 can allow the sound to be a bit richer and better.
    I would prefer local sell in sydney but national or international buys are welcome. We just need to figure out the best way to safely ship it to the destination.
  2. spierdolony
    Pm sent
  3. michaelc
    pls pm me if u willing to sell it to Malaysia. Thank.
  4. superjohny
    my v8p was sold so ref8 is now up for sale.
    I don't have the packaging so i would much prefer local sale unless we can work something out for delivery.
  5. shogo33
    pm sent
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