Switchcraft jack and Hammond enclosure... newbie question
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Dec 21, 2007
Hi, does anyone know if the Switchcraft 35RAPC4BH3

Can screw into the metal front panel of the Hammond 1455C801?

Thanks in advance
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topazbullet, since you used a photo of the Mini³, I thought I should point out that the Mini³ jacks are soldered to the circuit board and does not need to be secured to the front panel. Also, the output jack must be isolated from the case (i.e., the sleeve contact must not make electrical contact with the aluminum panel). The mounting thread of the Switchcraft jacks you show above are all non-isolated, and thus unsuitable for use on Mini³.

If you're not asking about the Mini³, then this caveat may or may not apply to you.
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I'm using the Hammond enclosure for a Cmoy mod 'cause I really like it. That was just the best picture I could find of the enclosure.

My main concern is that there is not enough threading on the jack for the front panel (it looks pretty thick).

I do plan on building a Mini3 as a become more proficient though.
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the mini3 picture you have is of the custom end plates designed for the mini3. normal alu plates that come with the hammond case are pretty thin so you won't have a problem.

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