Sweet Portable IEM rig recommendation needed
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Mar 17, 2014
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I'm sure this will start a religious war...not intended.
Looking to get the latest "best", without going completely insane, which I guess is a matter of degree...most people think I'm nuts with what I have already.  (most of you won't think I am).
1.  Source:  Want to use my iPhone with Tidal or via MacBook.  Prefer to avoid the analog output and go direct.  If someone can tell me why I should buy an A&K device (or similar) to source...I'm open.
2.  IEM's:    Been using SE846 and JH16fp.  Want to step up another notch...but not interested in $2000+
3.  DAC/Amp:  Have iBasso PB2 - have had others ALO Continental, FiiO.  Interested in digital out from the phone to digital in - which I've already verified makes a big difference, but could be convinced otherwise.  Definitely must be able to operate via battery.  Prefer to have a balanced output.  Could be two devices...prefer one.
Looking for recommendations in the same order....1)  Source;  2)  IEM's;  3) DAC/Amp
Fire away!

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