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Swan M200MkIII vs. Behringer TRUTH B2031A speakers; which should I buy?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by indecision, Nov 16, 2012.
  1. indecision
    I'm looking for the best pair of active speakers available under $500 for my desktop PC and after a fair amount of research have narrowed the choices down to two models:
    Swan M200MkIII
    Behringer TRUTH B2031A
    They'd be hooked up directly into my PC soundcard, no subwoofer.  I'd be primarily using them for listening to music and sometimes watching movies.  
    While they're both well reviewed, I'm having a hard time picking one over the other.  Looking around the web I've found one or two claims that the M200MkIII speakers are better and then a few others claiming the B2031A speakers are better, but I haven't found any detailed comparisons of the two.  If they were the same price I'd pick the Swans because they look better and seem to have a slightly better reputation, but at $100 more (M200MkIII = $480, B2031A = $385) I figured I should ask the experts first.
    So can anyone recommend one model over the other and explain how it's better?  In terms of specifications, is there a clear winner?  I'm particularly interested to know how they compare in terms of bass and overall clarity/detail.
  2. jschlarb
    I'm looking at the Truth 3030As. They have a larger woofer and more power than the M200MKIIIs, but of course they aren't as nice to look at. I'm not sure I'm ready for the Truth (haha), but I'm reripping my CD collection to Apple Lossless. If I had more desk space I'd look at monitors with 8" woofers too.

    I'm not a home recording enthusiast; I'm just looking for good speakers to enjoy music at the desk while I work or surf the web. Those Swan speakers are beautiful, but I think I'll get better sound from the 3030A.
  3. jschlarb
    The "active studio monitor" category has so many good choices under $400/pr - Behringer, Alesis, KRK, Prodipe - I'm amazed at how much is out there. Having 2 independent, identical speakers appeals to me. I may head to Guitar Center this weekend to check them out.
    Don't forget to budget for a good DAC. I got the AudioEngine D1 (about $170) to use with my AppleTV and my good stereo setup. I may do the same for my PC. 
  4. jschlarb
    I ended up getting a pair of JBL LSR 2325P's. There don't seem to be any bad reviews on these at all. I can't wait to check them out.
  5. JanWilder
    The M200MK3 is just a 5" woofer..go for the Behringer 1031A..sexy Monitors 8" woofer with EQ adjustments... $US299.00 street pricing..Its the best value 8" Monitors...full mid-low range playback.
  6. Herky151
    Well if you plan to do any audio editing/ need studio monitors, go for the behringers. But if you want a gorgeous pair of speakers that sound good with a warmer sound, the swans is what I would go for. Although, with a $100 difference, that choice is up to you in the end.

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