Swan M10 vs M200 MKII vs H4
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Feb 1, 2011
I am looking at these 2 Swan speakers, mostly the M10 and the M200 MKII. Is the M200 MKII worth the price difference from the M10, or is the M10 the better bang for the buck compared to the M200 MKII? How does the M200 MKII compare with the H4? The H4 are slightly more, are they a lot better than the M200 MKII or similar?
I just need some nice speakers that will fill a small room with nice quality sound. I won't be using any expensive/fancy amp or DAC with them, just something minimal. I want something that will project throughout the room and sound wonderful anywhere in the small room, rather than something that is too "directional" and/or requires you to be close to the speakers for them to sound good.
I need help deciding, thanks!
Edit: The speakers will be mainly used for music listening purposes only for a wide range of genres, usually rock, indie, alternative, etc. No gaming and probably rarely movies.
Edit2: Nevermind about the the Swan H4's. I noticed the price for them was for a single speaker, not a pair, so it is way out of my price range for a pair of Swan H4's.

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