SWA Built M^3 (AMB Labs)
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Oct 8, 2006
I am looking to get $375 + shipping for the amplifier. Pictures can be seen at the following link:
https://solderworksaudio.wordpress.com/m3/   (It is in the top 4 photos)
The amplifier currently has the following in it's current build state:
AD8597 OPAMPS installed in L/R/G
TKD 2CP-2511
o11 for Power
I will be including the following OPAMPS if you are interested in doing some swapping:
3x AD8610a
3x AD744jn
3x AD797anz
3x OPA604ap
2x OPA627ap
"nearly 2x the stock quiescent current bias at 150mA with oversized TX and heat sinks. I think these MOSFETs sound better at a higher bias. gain is 3x. The TKD pot is mucho better in the M3 over something like the ubiquitous Alps RK27. While the opamps are 'only' in the VAS, they do have an influence on the sonics. my favs are the ADA4627-1BRZ, AD8597, and OPA1611. these are newer generation opamps, that to my ears, sound superior to earlier species listed under the M3 parts list. i am willing to procure/solder any of these for parts cost/shipping only to the new owner, as well as provide any continued customer support. please contact me before rolling any opamp outside of those listed above and those on the M3 webpage.The amp is around 5 yrs old and shouldn't need any servicing/recapping for another decade or so. Parts cost alone for this amp would be at least $600 in today's $$$, not including the extra opamps or labor. "  -SolderWorksAudio Owner
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