Surpised --- prefer Chestnut Hill George to HK Play+Go...
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Sep 4, 2005
At first, I thought the HK sounded better --- more power, better soundstage, and deeper bass.

But sometimes the HK seems to struggle with treble. The George seems to resolve treble better on some songs.

Since the HK has no radio, I'm referring to Classic IPOD use (320kbps or Apple Lossless).

Throw in bass and treble controls and the George almost catches up in terms of bass. (The HK uses DSP and sometimes seems a bit bass heavy.)

And the radio on the George is better than average. And it's an alarm clock to boot.

(The detachable George remote hasn't been a big plus for me yet.)

Of course, an advantage of the HK is its ability to take batteries and portability.

The acid test for me --- I tend to use the George more, even for the IPOD.

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