Surface Pro 3 support?
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Dec 31, 2014
Has anyone successfully gotten a Surface Pro 3 to recognize a FiiO device? I have the X3ii.
When I set it to DAC mode and plug it in, the screen briefly flashes to the DAC splash screen and then returns to the main menu. The driver software then refuses to install because it doesn't recognize the device plugged in.
I got the same results on Windows 8 and Windows 10.
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Hello wormyrocks,

Two questions,
1. Does any of these computers / tablets recognize the X3 2nd gen when it is set to Storage USB mode? (System settings->USB mode)
2. Are all the aforementioned USB ports (on the Windows 8 / 10 computer) that you plugged the X3 2nd gen into USB 3 ports? Have you tried any USB 2 ports for comparison?

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1. Yes, the computer recognizes the FiiO in storage mode.
2. There is only one USB port; I'm pretty sure it's USB3. I have been meaning to try a powered hub next.
thank you! 
edit: attached is a screenshot of the x3's entry in windows device manager (windows 10)
didn't check this panel before i upgraded from windows 8, but i have no reason to believe they would be different
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You need to disable driver signature enforcement for it to stay detected. From there the driver's should install no problem. To get there hold the shift key when selecting restart, selecting advanced options then start-up options. When it boots next press 7 from your choices and install the driver then.

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That fails under both Windows 8 and Windows 10 - I can't even get the driver to begin installing. It insists the device isn't connected. The FiiO is set to DAC mode, but after it is plugged in it goes directly to the homescreen rather than the DAC mode screen.
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Well perhaps there is something unique to how the USB hub operates on a surface. I have tested USB 3 and 2 with Windows 8 and 10 and got it working on both occasions. Sorry pal I'm out of ideas.

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