Supra Schematic?
Jul 29, 2009 at 2:27 PM Post #16 of 16
I could do a schematic real quick for that, but there are other issues.
Like the 1kv spikes on the diodes of tyson's current power supply. Clearly
the wrong diodes were used, and with no caps across them, there are other

The big juice can caps are something in the range of 5000 to 8000uf /450 volts
each, and not something you really want to mess with if your unit has those.

There are also at least 3 different versions of the extreme that i have pictures
for. Different cathode resistors, some are 1k total, some are 500 ohms total
some are 330 ohms total. And at least 2 different power supply voltages.

So really each unit has to be evaluated on its own.

For $30 you can get a copy of tube-cad which does a pretty decent job of calculating
voltages, currents and everything you would ever want for WCF or CF. Or a bunch
of other different circuits too. Mikhail should have purchased a copy and actually
used it. Some of this might not have happened.

530 volts on tyson's amp is both silly and dangerous.

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