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Support the Tsunami victims and win a CORDA PREHEAD MkII Prototype!

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  1. Jan Meier Contributor

    Dear headfellows,

    Everytime when a new amplifier is being designed I make 1 or 2 prototypes for testing and verification. After the design phase is over these amps are normally given as a present to my friends.
    Fortunately I have many friends, but not everyone needs an amp and quite a few prototypes were produced over the years. As a result there's one PREHEAD MkII prototype left and I wanted to use this amp to raise some money for the Asian victims of the tsunami. Therefore the idea of a lottery/tombola.

    Everybody who likes to join this action is requested to transfer (at least) EUR 10,- or $ 13,- via non-CC Paypal funds (Existing Paypal account funds or instant e-check / regular e-check) to:


    Note that if you use a credit card for payment to this (personal) account, I will be unable to accept the payment.

    To pay by credit card and Paypal you may send you payment to this email address:


    As I will be charged with Paypal fees for any transfer made to this account non-CC payments to the acount previously mentioned are strongly preferred.

    You may also send an international money order, traveller's cheques or cash (registered post!) to:

    Am Tennenbach 20
    91080 Spardorf

    People from inside the European Community may also use wire transfer (from outside the European is simply to expensive as I will be charged by my bank!).

    Please make the transfer to:

    Beneficiar: Dr. Jan Meier

    IBAN (International Bank Account Number):

    DE17 7635 0000 0000 3227 02

    Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Erlangen
    Hugenottenplatz 5
    91054 Erlangen


    BLZ: 763 500 00

    When you send your payment, please do add your Head-Fi name so I can check the origin of the money.

    After having send your payment please attach a single (empty) post to this thread. The number of this post will be your lottery number. Please do not post when you do not intend to join the action. Also do not send multiple posts (you will be disqualified if you do!).

    The lottery will end by January 31st. To determine the winner my girlfriend will randomly pick two lottery numbers. Next it will be checked whether these two people have paid. The winner will be the one that contributed most (Yes, this should motivate you to pay more than the minimum of $ 13,-!!). In case of a draw fortuna will be asked.

    All your contributions will be donated to a home for parentless children on Sri Lanka that is run by friends of us. Thus it will be ascertained that the money will arrive at its intended destination.

    Shipping costs of the amp will be paid by Meier-Audio.



  2. elrod-tom
    A very nice gesture, Dr. Meier...thanks.
  3. luukas
  4. ServinginEcuador Contributor
    Great idea. I'm in!
  5. philodox Contributor
  6. tyrion Contributor
  7. Lisa Contributor
  8. acs236 Contributor
  9. taoster
  10. saint.panda Contributor
  11. 00940
  12. dalida
  13. Lefty
  14. Mith
  15. AdamP88
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