Supplied Cables with Astell & Kern Layla II

  1. sithspawn1969
    I recently acquired the Astell & Kern Layla II Universal fit and I understand that the supplied balanced and unbalanced cables were done by Moon Audio. Does anyone know which series ie Silver/Black/Blue Dragon the cables are made from? Tried to email them but got no reply. Thanks.
  2. MoonAudio Contributor
    Hello, sithspawn1969 and thank you for your question.

    The cables that come with the Layla II by Astell & Kern are not dragon cables. They are a cable we made for Astell & Kern & JH Audio for these universal IEMs. Here's a blog post to describe the partnership between JH Audio and Moon Audio.

    If you are looking for our dragon cables that fit the Layla II, here are the links to the black dragon and silver dragon that fit the Astell & Kern or JH Audio 4 pin IEMs.

    Thank you.

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  3. sithspawn1969
    I felt that the supplied cables were already quite good but there was a tiny bit of grainy feeling to mids. I also switched out some unknown custom cables for these on my friend's JH Rosie iem and the difference was remarkable. The stock Moon Audio cables just had plain more clarity and refinement. The Silver Dragons may be an upgrade but the these stock cables can certainly hold their own. Looking forward to getting the Silver Dragons soon.

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