Superlux HD381F as IEM for drumming? Any other cheap option?
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Apr 4, 2016
Hello, guys! What's up?
I need an IEM for drumming, but I need to go cheap. I live in Brazil; for instance, a legit SE215 costs 1 monthly minimum wage here.
I'll be playing mainly at my church; so the main noise is going to be the drum set itself (as it's in an isolated acrylic drum shield).
Isolation is the key here, or at least the possibility of good sound level without damaging the speakers.
As a matter of reference, AKG 414P plays this role quite perfectly for me.
Should a Superlux HD381F be enough for that, specially considering its not-so-good isolating aspect?
I'm also considering these:
- AKG IP2 (but it costs 3x HD381F's price);
Moxpad X6 (price is between IP2 and HD381);
- JBL T100A (a bit cheaper than HD381F. And don't laugh at me! Haha).
[And yes, importing is an option. The issues are shipping price and the weakness of our currency this year].
Thank you! :)))

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