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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tyoung8, Mar 28, 2011.
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  1. Superluc
    Between the two new products, the 688 are closed and the 687 are semi-open, but don't be fooled by the closed vs open argument. If the stock 688 confirm what Solderdude measure about the prototype, it's the pair to buy.
  2. rendyG
    "Superlux HD-688 High-Fidelity Premium Headphones - closed-back"
    687 are semi open like 681 evo, there are already impressions, measurements and mods on the internet, seems promising :)

    btw, after gifting my 668b I jumped on 681 deal ($15) for that price I couldn´t resist.. and I have to say they impress me more than 668b :xf_eek: I put some fake hybrid pads on and tonally they are far more balanced than 668b :) I will do some mods in the future
  3. Cruelhand Luke
    You took the words right out of my mouth!
    I ordered the 668B ($22) AND the 681($13) and Senitek hybrid pads for both. The pads took a while to show up so in the meantime I had a set of Senitek cloth pads I was swapping back and forth between the 2 and up until the pads showed up yesterday I kept leaning towards liking the 681 better....
    The pads finally came in and I definitely prefer them over the 668B. I thought I would be using the drivers out of the 681 for a set of vintage Pioneers I have, but I think the donor cans are the 668B.
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  4. Superluc
    No one is also in waiting for it's pair of newer Superlux model ?

    687 and 688, at least from Thomann, don't come with velours EVO's pads, but now they selling those pads as well.
  5. Pakalini
    I heard that discontinued takstar hd 2050 is just a better choice overall, what do you think?

    I'm with Superlux HD 668B for 7+ months now (broke one, but replaced for free).
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  6. Superluc
    It may be on comfort, just see those oval-shaped pads.

    But the 687 and 688 mount a newer driver, said by Solderdude to rival, in the 688 with easy mods, much more priced headphones.

    I just can add my opinion on them, at least vs the 681 Evo, in the next days.
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  7. Pakalini
    Exactly oval shaped pads, sturdy classy build like a tank, looks similar to Senn HD 600
  8. Superluc
    I have received my pair of HD-688 and find a difference, between them and the prototype. Superlux have place on them a pair of fake leather pads with a thin cloth mounted, instead of the disk they use on the Evo's, and because of that choice they have leave open one the holes around the driver, normally covered with a paper-like material.

    Doing that, now the balance is different than expecting, when placed on them the Evo's velours with the disk. There is a lot of bass.

    Anyway, solderdude have brought a pair, so i wait it's findings and opinion on what to do.

    The potential feel very interesting, but it's early for talk about it. What it's obvious is that the construction, witch is the same of the Evo's, with even worst pads, don't deserve to be appreciate, especially for 60€ plus shipment.
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  9. Pakalini
    Superlux are noobs, they need release newer 668B version: lighter / oval shaped drivers / better padding / single aluminum construction, no screws / etc.... now they charge 2x and went cheap on new versions, hopefully won't that happen with 678B :->
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  10. Cruelhand Luke
    1) weight is hardly the issue, getting lighter would be pointless 2)I think nearly all dynamic drivers are round, you must mean an oval housing 3) agreed! there are good/inexpensive pads out there, why make ME go find them Superlux?! 4) that's not realistic in a sub $100 headphone....especially if you are also upgrading the drivers and the pads.
    Besides all that, the HD681 (in my opinion) sounds better, and looks better. You want to see an updated version of an older Superlux model, I say update the HD681 with hybrid pads, a better quality of pleather on the head strap and a 668B style removable cable. There was a guy a few years back that made machined aluminum rings for them that made them look fantastic. (it replaced all the red parts basically) You make it with a little bit nicer plastic and those metal rings and that is a really good budget headphone.
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  11. Superluc
    There was an 668B markII, announced i think even before the 662 Evo, but then it disappeared from the radar.

    I have to add two things, in regard to the HD-688:
    The potential seem there. Doing some experiments lowering the bass with the EQ, sealing temporarily that hole with a piece of paper tape and add one ply of toilet paper, i feel more details than my modified 681 Evo, vocals have a good presence and seem more natural sounding, the soundstage is wide, highs are a bit smoother and the imaging is better then the Evo. A good closed headphone that need bass tuning in the cups...

    ...but i can't use them like this. The ear space is less than in the 681 Evo, and the clamping force is higher ( bending the rods is needed ). In the stock 688 the driver's shield is more close to the ears and protrusive, while in the stock 681 Evo it was a bit in the rear, with a more flatter shield, covered by a felt and a foam disk.

    Now i need to buy a pair of HM5 pads, because they are thicker ad adaptable to the 688 ( even for the Evo models, 668b and 681, for what i know ).

    You can see that 681 here:

    Seriously, Superlux have make some better headphone than the first 681, it's just that the price was go up with newer models, and with the 687 and 688 they have make something overpriced, construction-wise.
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  12. Cruelhand Luke
    those are the modded 681 I was referring to...there are better pics out there, but those are the ones.
    I would suggest these pads as an alternative to the HM5...if you want to save some money, they are pretty close in quality ...the HM5 are a little firmer/slower rebound.
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  13. Pakalini
    ordered for my hd668b:

    I gonna stick to budget HD668B until I decide invest 700EUR into planars that are stylish and lightweight such as MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open ver.
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  14. Superluc
    Understandable. Every little step higher may become an addiction :smile:
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  15. Superluc
    Better let that know: Superlux messed up with the HD-688.

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