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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tyoung8, Mar 28, 2011.
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  1. HumbleMan
    As my sig suggests, I love my HD668B. It's my default headphone 99% of the time, and I've listened to much more expensive headphones. I don't miss them. :D
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  2. larry piencenaves

    is there a huge difference in terms of sound clarity between 668b and 669?..I would like to hear 668b but I really want to buy the 669
  3. larry piencenaves

    what country do u live? here in mine its just the same price as 668b..that's why I want to buy these more than 668b
  4. HumbleMan
    Unfortunately I can't tell you; I've never heard the 669. The HD668B could easily be my only pair of full-sized headphones, though. Ditto with the SR850, although I prefer the HD668B.
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  5. Fox2twenty
    Woah, you prefer the 668B? High praise..
  6. HumbleMan
    I do. They're both great phones, and it's really just a matter of taste (which is applicable to any headphones, no matter how much they cost). The 668B is more balanced to my ears while the 850 is more exciting.
  7. Superluc
    Just for say that i have tried a pair of Superlux HD387i and they are smooth and flat, but lack in energy, low and high end. The soundstage is average.

    I'm currently using a pair of Superlux HD681EVO, waiting for when Superlux will decide to release newer models.
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  8. Superluc
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  9. mtliu
    There's something familiar about the way the 687s look. . .I gotten over my GAS and stopped buying head gear lol. They look like another pair of Superlux I've had as well as a bunch of the generic cans I seen at discount stores. I almost want to try these out. . .but should stop now that I've reached my endgame, or could I be fooling myself lol.
  10. Pakalini
    Sound gone on both sides in HD668B. That mini 3cm plug broke that is attached to bezel, should I RMA it? I bought from Thomman...
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  11. Superluc
    They have the same housing and pads of the 681 Evo, but newer drivers.
  12. TheEndGame
    Are the 668s open?
  13. Cruelhand Luke
    Superlux HD 668B is considered a semi-open headphone.
  14. TheEndGame
    Opps I meant the 688 lol
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