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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tyoung8, Mar 28, 2011.
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  1. Pakalini
    Does DT990 velour ear pads fit Superlux 668b? Please anyone could verify that?
    I recently bought DT770 PRO 16ohm for 165€ and returning them back to amazon.
    I AM NOT SURPRISED by sound [bass vibrates in left earcup - broken]; too heavy; too tight on ears! Superlux inc.
  2. Joong
    I am not sure for that compatibility, but there are many choices including Braiwavz costing 35 CAD.
    I am using Cosmos ® 1 Pair Black Color Velvet for 668b, which is 10 CAD and performs very well.
    The phones are the most high ratio of performance over cost indeed.
  3. TurpmadnolD
    I presume the same pads would fit on the 669s as well?
    I'm really not quite sure what to get, and Brainwavz? That seems like it's gonna be a hell of a stretch to get them on there.
  4. Joong
    I think they have the same cup sizes.
    Cosmos valor ear-pads were not easily mounted on my HD-668b by stretching in good extent.
    But it is worth the effort.
  5. Joong
    I returned back from planar phones to dynamic ones via HD668b and soon to HD681 evo.
    Dynamic phones reminded me of speakers that are good for strings on classical orchestral music, and this is the reason why I returned to dynamic phones.
    You might spend huge amount of money for extra quality, but with Superlux you can enjoy the old good strings with small expense.
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  6. zareliman

    The Hifiman velour pads work amazing for me. They're a little stiff but since the clamp is not too tight, they sit comfortably on your head. The good thing about this pads is that they allow for the driver to sit at a proper distance and don't produce this "tube bass port" effect you get with pleathers.
    The Hifiman pleathers are also great (I used them on summer because pleather becomes unbearable) but they make it a little more bass reverb and muddyness IMO.

    I agree the cheap ebay velours for AKG240/superlux668/samson850 are just dreadful. I don't get why they make this big deflated pads with small openings, is like they want to ruin an over ear headphone by making it on ear for some reason.
  7. Joong
    In your opinion, Cosmos earpad is one of bad Ebay's pad for Superlux?
    Mine generates more pronounced high but lows seems ok.
  8. Joong
    Brainwavzs are arrived and now on the Superlux HD668bs, which have now got way more bass and controlled highs.
    They are simply surprising and more impact on SQ than anything related to headphones including amp, Dac, and cables.
    I ordered more for my coming HD681EVOs.
  9. Pakalini
    Beast phones! DT990 earpads was hard to stretch, but it did fit and also had to glue them for a secure fit.
    I installed Dolby audio driver on Windows10 and the sound is just too awesome. just like on my ZTE Axon mini with Dolby Audio! :)
  10. Joong
    Did you compare the DT990 pads against those of Brainwavz?
    I am very curiose SQ on DT990 pads.
  11. peskypesky

    Which ones did you order for the HD681EVO's?  
  12. Joong
    I ordered a pair of HM5 hybrid for EVO's.
    But I returned them because they are smaller for EVO.
    They should make them little larger.
  13. Pakalini

    No, i have no brainwavz.
  14. larry piencenaves
    hey guys im kinda new to this forum..planning on buying superlux, and i really want to try the hd669, is there any head-fier here than can enlighten me what is sounds like? and its comparison to its open counterpart hd668b? thanks
  15. peskypesky
    Why are the HD669's so expensive? They're like 2 or 3 times more expensive than other Superlux headphones. $90????
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2017
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