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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tyoung8, Mar 28, 2011.
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  1. tyoung8
    Okay, I just made that bit up about voted the best Budget Headphone 2011.  But anyway, everybody should jump on board this express train!  choo chooo.
    This post is to put all the information about this giant killer $50/£35 headphone that is matching and even beating the performance of headphones 10x its price.
    Buy in the US: (Only $49 - $10 off atm 28/03/2011)
    Buy in Canada: ($59 CAD)
    Buy in UK (£35) - New!  £24.60
    Also on ebay - Same guy on amazon but cheaper.
    Buy in Europe - New! 28 euros - by email, not on website yet.
    Need another headphone?  What are you waiting for?  Don't think about it and get this Superlux 668B for all your headphone needs.
    Don't miss out!  Get your ticket and jump abroad the Superlux 668b express train.  choo chooooo.
    Difference between Superlux models
    Superlux Fan Club & Mods link,1871.0.html
    Filter Mod
    For those looking at CLOSE headphone, there is the 669 and the 662 Superlux series.
    669   - Both the HD 669 and HD 280 PRO have similar frequency curve.  HD 669 delivers natural and excellent balanced sound, presenting the crystal clarity and high resolution demaned by professional users.
    662   - Deep and rich bass response 'On stage' sound feel.  Both the HD 662 and DT 770 have a similar curve (Frequency response).  HD 662 delivers deep bass, natural and well-balanced sound.
    662F - True bass response 'Front row' sound feel.  Both HD 662F and SRH 440 have a similar curve.  HD 662F delivers true bass response, crystal clarity and precise sound characters.
    662B - Power bass punch 'In hall' sound feel.  Both HD 662B and SHR 840 have a similar curve.  HD 662B delivers precisely tailored frequency response with powerful bass punch, clear mid-range and extended highs.

    For even cheaper models try the 681 models at £15.30!  (or $40 in US)

    There are lots of mods to try out:-
    Cheap as chips more $50 quality headphones.  (Amp required for these)

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  2. dye1337
    Looks a lot like sextetts

    edit: are these just k240m rebranded
  3. tyoung8
    Actually, the frequency curve of the 668b is suppose to be similar to DT990 even though they look like K240.
    Funny enough, the Superlux's pdf compared all their models to other brands.
    669 = HD 280 pro
    662 = DT770
    662F = SRH 440
    662B = SRH 840
    681 = Philips HP890
    681F = AD500
    681B = K240
  4. Ishcabible


    They all use similar frames, but it's been said that their build quality isn't as good. And they use different drivers. I want a pair of these and the SR850's, if nothing more than to mod them to bits. Should be able to get them by the end of the year. I also wonder how these compare to the Prodipe Pro800, which I think are the best $40 (new) headphones ever.
  5. Napilopez
    Having the similar Samson SR850, I am on the bandwagon. It's great.

    From what I've read, Superlux used to build stuff for AKG. They stuck with the same esign. Also, Although the build quality may not be as good, they are by no means bad. They feel nearly as sturdy as my Denon D1100s for example.
  6. tyoung8


    Yeah, if you have a look at the bottom link in my first post, it leads you to a website with links to some mods that you can do on them.
    I have had a look at the Prodipe Pro 800 as you mentioned them before but I were only able to find bad reviews on the net.

    Breaks easily or something and they cost £60 in UK.  Just so disgusted so many headphones cost double the price in UK than in America.  [​IMG]

    Welcome abroad the Superlux Express Train!   [​IMG]
  7. Ishcabible


    They've been holding up so far to everything, and I don't baby them. Maybe they need to stop throwing them around. [​IMG] And everything has screws and separate plastic parts, so that's not a concern of mine.
    And how could they have skipped the filter mod?
  8. tyoung8
    Seriously I searched enuff on the net about them and I have only found bad reviews on them.  Like here is another linke... [​IMG]
    I don't think I found a single good review for the Prodipe Por 800 apart from one review.... yours!

    ooo nice one with the mod.  I'll put the links up in the first post.  [​IMG]
  9. Ishcabible


    ...that's rather depressing. Well Olimoronio is the one that brought it to our attention, and they legitimately sound good. Can't say anything about build since I've only had them for a month.
    And the filter is surprisingly simple. I'm sure it can be improved though. I can't find the one with the different resistor values to tune sound changes. It'd be super fantastic if someone else found it for me.
  10. tyoung8
    I dunno.  Maybe you were lucky to get a good one.  That is good right?  [​IMG]
  11. Remior
    I'm on the Superlux train :).
    Just a few things to say:
         +Amazing sound for 30€, just take a look at headfonia people comments on the Superlux HD668B post:
         +Quality it's just what you must to expect from a 30€ headphones, mines fall down more 1,5 meter and still alive and pretty sounding but a bit scratchy.
         +They need to burn 200-300 hours to become "Giant Killers", on stock sounds good but after burnig abount 300 hours they sound incredible (they lost the lack mids and came closer, keeping the good bass, and highs).
         +They are a bit unconfortable on stock pads take it on mind...
    (My personal impresions are that Superlux has to say many things on the future if keeps this way, and i think it's doing many oem's drivers and stuff for other trade marks llike Samson and maybe others we don't know yet)
    Last notices (rumors) it's that this HD668B version it's more difficult to found and buy it than 5 mounths ago, and Superluxes it's increasing the price.
  12. 2enty3
    I really want to try these considering their price, but anyone know a way to get these in canada? not necessarily in-store, but a well-trusted site that ships to canada?
  13. tyoung8
  14. Napilopez

    Agree with this from my experience with the Samson's. I have about 100 hours on mine, yet they still seem to be improving. The mids were noticeably recessed at first, but now they are much more forward.
  15. nick n
    Thanks for throwing all of this into one place.  That review was great. I never realized the Superlux were looking to copy the DT990 sound! I wonder how these would sound compared to my AKG K240 M's. Thanks.
    it looks like  this is going to keep me up all night looking.
    Ahhh right away from Headfonia Mike's post
    "I always feel that the AKG K240 is quite flat and boring, even the Sextett version which I had for a while. I definitely prefer the HD668B to the K240" 
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