Superfi5 Pros Reshell
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Nov 11, 2012
Ok So Ive had the Superfi 5 Pros essentially since they came out and to this day I havent found a better Overall sounding headphone. Thats almost 10years I believe which is crazy. Ive tried Monster Turbine Coppers, The Westone4, The UE triple fi and sorry But No..Overall the Super fis are the ones that blow me away. The triple fis had better detailed highs (~10-15%) more but like 50% less bass. Thats a degradation in music quality for me. I found similar type of tradeoffs out there.

So.. what was the point of all that info up there? I need information on how to reshell these headphones for a custom fit but with a inline mic cable (with playback buttons) and possibly a flat cable. Can that be done? If so for how much?

Also.. Ive heard of the Velodyne vPulses as being good phones and they cone with a mic, flat cables and controls. Do you think they can stand to the 5pros?
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I also think the 5Pros were the best IEMs that I tried. I haven't tried a new pair sinse the Triple.Fi came out, but they didn't do it for me either. I tried the Shure e2, e3, e4, e5, SE215. I had and loved the Etymotic ER4s, but still for most music the Super.fis were easier to listen to.
I always chalked up me loving the's to the fact that they fit me completely differently than most people. My enormous ear holes swallowed those things up and they didn't stick out at all.
Why not try out the UE5 customs or the ones that goodvibes is talking about (old engineer from UE started his own company can't remember the name).
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Cool. They cost $399 which seems a bit steep but the Superfi5Pros were $199 so maybe not. Question is though are these supposed to sound better? or is it the same Superfi5P drivers?

Also as a quick note I remember looking at the Freq Response of the Superfi5Pros sometime ago and it was pretty much a flat response. This kind of surprised me because ppl in these forums never attributed them to being accurate but I think thats exactly what they are. Interesting to see if can find those plots again.

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