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how much are the Shure olives, and the ES cable?

i live in australia and cant find them anywhere online? i did see you buying them from jaben tho. how much was the cable?

Also the attenuator, on iDealSound Ebay it is $14 but on the discountheadphone website which is the same as ideal sound, they list a Level Attenuator (all models) for $9

whats the difference?

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I just received an ES cable from Jaben. E-mail Wilson or David, and say you want one. Also mention what color you want, and that they need to be trimmed to fit the UE Sfi 5 Pro. They ship internationally, and I paid $55 including shipping and trimming. Very recommended, this cable is much better when it comes to comfort than the stock cable.
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Originally Posted by nismohks /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Also the attenuator, on iDealSound Ebay it is $14 but on the discountheadphone website which is the same as ideal sound, they list a Level Attenuator (all models) for $9

whats the difference?


Any ideas on that guys??
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Originally Posted by antonyfirst /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yes, it's that one. My suggestion is to buy it from iDealSound, on eBay: it costs 14$ with free shipping, worldwide.
He's an authorized seller and many of us have bought from him.

Here: NEW Shure Level Attenuator Volume Control EA650 EA-650 - eBay (item 230119153419 end time Mar-13-08 14:23:26 PDT)

About the quality of the attenuator: the more impedance you'll put in the line, the more veil you'll apply to upper midrange. You can tune it with different recordings, based on their harshness. More impedance also makes bass less prominent, and treble slightly stronger.
At around 20-40 Ohm you can reach the right balance for a good sound. It's usually the impedance needed to get rid of any noticeable hiss.

That is all spot on correct. And, it usually only requires rotating the volume knob on the Shure attenuator by about 3-4mm to get the proper effect for good sound vs hiss reduction. I bought three of the Shures from idealsound when they were still $11 each, a while back.

Interestingly the degree of veil applied to the upper midrange (and somewhat the drop in bass) varies depending on the quality of the amplifier driving the earphones. Some amps can go higher with the impedance before the sound changes.
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Originally Posted by antonyfirst /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Fai, I realized that you could have put the Westone cable the wrong way, which makes them sound out of phase. You have to put the right wire (red dot) pointing to the opposite direction than the right earpiece's UE logo. While the blue dot has to be put in the same direction as the left earpiece's UE logo.

What about when we've done the flip flop mod, and the left earpiece is on the right side, with the cable facing up and over the ear? Will the red dot need to now face the logo side, since the left earpiece is on the right side? Hmm....
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I have no clue. I have used them the normal way, following the instructions of people claiming there were "in phase" and "out of phase" ways. Lately, some headfiers have been saying there is no difference at all.
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i got the large olives and they are IMPOSSIBLE to fit them on my sf5p.

currently they are being enlarged by having a nintendo ds stylus wedged in the middle, helped by some hand cream (horrible imagery yes)

tried using pliers to enlarge them, but the inner tube is just too elastic to be able to hold any shape or size.
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They need surgery. Like I stated many times, I had to remove the inner tubes and glue some other (either from UE foam tips or Comply T400 tips).
If you go for Comply T400 tips instead of the shures, you'll save yourself the hassle of doing the whole process. Pros: more comfortable, perfectly fitting out of the box.
Cons: much less durable, and they'll look quite dirty immediately (earwax).
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I agree with Antony that the platic core of the shure olive has to be removed. I also then put the olive over the core of the pair of foam sleeves that came with the super-fis, although I didn't glue the olive on.
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yer ill give that a go considering that the foams are getting ripped off the stem just from me fighting with it this whole time... was gonna do that in the worst case scenario anyway.

anyway, has anyone ever tried using ety er6i double flanges on the sf5p?

after a bit of experimentation, it is srsly quite good. i've always been a fan of the ety flanges because they are really comfortable. They stretch out quite nicely to fit the UE stem!

anyway, initially i put them on in the standard length, but the sound was not too good. the smaller hole on the end made the midrange and treble a bit muddier, but bass was tightened.

so what i did was trim the flange down. i pretty much cut off the whole stem taht sticks out from the flange.

then i pushed them all the way down until the sf5p port was close to sticking out of the double flange, thereby enlarging the whole in the process. The sound is really quite good and is comfortable. treble and midrange loss from before has disappeared. sound is great. isolation is great.

i am comparing this to the UE single flange as i dont really like the fit of the UE double flange.

tell me your thoughts for those who are willing to try
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I'd be sticking with the Comply T400 - tried them on my daughter's SF5P with Westone ES cable, and they are comfy and sound good. I've done Shure black olive surgery for my old TF10P, and it was a PITA, but mapstec is enjoying them now.
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I also flipped my's, but without replacing left with right cables. Just twist the memorywire the other way round and you can place the IEM with the UE-logo facing your ear.
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Originally Posted by sidewinder /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I also flipped my's, but without replacing left with right cables.

But...without switching the cables (left cable on right phone, vice versa) you will have the left stereochannel in your right ear and vice versa.

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