3 Studio vs. 2 vs. ATH-CK7: You Decide
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Feb 8, 2008
Use: the gym (weight lifting, not running)

Source: iPod Nano

Music: 75% rock, 25% EDM

Desired sound: Warm & fun, low-end very present without being boomy/muddy

Previous IEM: Vibe (for 1 year, until left ear shorted out, used the smallest tip)

Bonus question: I may say "what the hell" and splurge for the 5 Pro EB because I can tell that will absolutely have the low-end. However, just how big do these things stick out? Any threads with pics of them in ear?
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The 3 is a great iem, really clear and accurate, but the bottom end is thin. I use a the good bass boost on the sony a816 on it.
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I was gonna suggest 3, but the bottom end isn't very present as you want, so I will say ATH-CK7's as I've heard they are very good and have good bass.
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The CK7s have good balanced bass but a lot less than other canal phones like the CX300s. The metro-fi2s have a lot of bass, too much for me. They are better than the CX-300s though, they have more detail and so the bass is a little less overbearing.

If you like a lot of bass you might consider the Goldring GX200, they are better again than the metro-fi. Still too much bass for my taste but lots of detail and soundstage.
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I woudl stay away from the 3. I always prefer a dynamic driver over the single armature designs. The bass is to thin.

The 2 are the most durable phoens I have. The go to the gym with me also. They do have a strong low end. The bass isn't muddy, but it is powerfull. I think it is great motivation for the gym though. $58.00 shipped.

UE 2

The CK7 is more balance then the The bass may seem lacking. It is there, but it is not as dominant. They would be my second choice for you. $66.77 shipped:

Audio Technica ATH-CK7
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Depending on your source 3's can be reasonable, I run a pretty heavy EQ through my X5 and they reproduce bass fine (although Cowon manages to prevent distortion on heavy EQ). Through my friend's iPod though they're terribly lean.
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You may want to look into the FS1.

The bottom end is very present and it is certainly better than the CX300 in clarity and detail. There is more soundstage than most IEM's. I bought a set for my dad, and he just loves them. ~$50 shipped from (w/$10 google checkout discount)

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