Sup, has anyone had any experience with the xiaomi piston 3 and Symphonized NRG
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Jul 16, 2015
I'm looking for some budget headphones right now since I lost my westone 3 :/. Im looking between the piston 3 and the symphonized nrg. The NRG headphones have amazing reviews so I'm thinking about trying those but the xiaomi have more trust able reviews in my opinion. Has anyone had experience with both of these?
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Hey there! I just bought both of them last month and I can tell you that I love both of them for different reasons!
I'll start with the Symphonized NRGs ( I have the 2.0 version) . First of all they look amazing and fit great, very snug and comfortable. They don't fall out even when i'm banging my head to my jam. As for the sound, They've got a ton of bass, more so than the pistons. They're really punchy. Also, the noise isolation is superb. Blocks a lot of sound from around you.
As for the Xiaomi Piston 3, IMO they're more comfortable than the NRG but just by a bit. They have a very clear and detailed sound. I really love the sound of these. Not as much noise isolation but they still block quite a bit of noise around you. Also these have volume control as well as play/pause buttons (for Android) whereas the NRGs only have the play/pause button. Both have mics but i can't confirm how good they are. 
Overall I guess it comes down to personal preference on sound. I admit I do like the Piston's clearer sound but only slightly more. Both are great earbuds for $25.
Good luck!

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