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Sunrise CIEM cable from BTG-Audio

  1. Jupiterknight
    Brian Goto from BTG-Audio modified a couple of my IEM's around five months ago and
    I wrote some impressions of this experience in this thread.
    Recently, I was contacted by Brian who asked me if I was interested in trying out a new CIEM cable named Sunrise that is hand made by Brian and the only part that is manufactured by another company is the injection molded pins and it's all done here in the US!
    Since I didn't have the Westone's W4R any longer I told Brian that I couldn't try out the Sunrise cable with these, but I did have a pair of Ultimate Ears SF3, well they actually belong to my wife. Anyway, I told Brian that I would like test out his cable using it with the UE SF3 and also check out for him how well the pins from the Sunrise cable would fit the UE sockets etc. 
    I tested the cable only related to build quality and functionality and not so much to it's sonic performances.  I'm not sure if the UE SF3 would be good enough to detect any difference nor did I want to spend time switching cables back and forth and placing unnecessary wear and tear to the sockets and pins since it was not really my IEM's or cable. I must say though that I thought that the SF3 actually sounded surprisingly better than how I remembered them.
    If anyone's is more interested in reading about how the Sunrise performs or sounds like there's an excellent description written by flysweep in this thread.
    I have had around a handful of other CIEM cables before. A couple of the most well known around here are probably the Lune cable from Null Audio and a pair of cables from Chris_Himself.
    I don't have any of these any longer, sold the Lune cable and the plugs of the Chris_Himself cable finally gave in, so for obvious reasons I can't compare the Sunrise cable with these directly but only out of my memory which I believe is still fairly functional!
    As the picture show this pair of Sunrise has a RA nickel plated jack. I personally really like this plug because it's a solid build quality and I mostly carry my DAP's in my pocket and I therefore find RA plugs to be more practical and less exposed to any stress factors in  my pockets than a straight plug.
    The first part of the cable is sleeved in nylon and it feels very light and soft. I experienced no stiffness nor that it was tangle prone.  
    The part after the Y-split is approximately 16 inches or 40 centimeter long, which is a perfect length for me since I absolutely hate when the Y-split is too close to my chin.
    I feel that if the Y-split is placed to high it decreases my mobility to an annoying point, but others may of course experience differently.
    The cable part that leads up to the plugs/pins feels very soft and pliable, much more than I remember any other CIEM cable that I have had. There's a build in memory wire that function as intended. The plug and the pins looks like very solid build quality, again some of the best quality that I have encountered.  The pins fits perfectly in my UE socket, if I want to be really pedantic I can measure a small gap of 0.5 mm, which is hardly anything and can probably be eliminated by a few strokes of sandpaper or the right tool!
    Overall, I believe that the Sunrise is an absolutely great CIEM cable, excellent build quality and it seems from the couple of weeks I spend with under a variety of circumstances to be very durable.
    I almost wish that I hadn't sold my W4R or my custom reshells, just so I could use this cable!  The build quality I find excellent from top to bottom and it's really comfortable to wear and move around with, which I tend to do a lot!  The less I notice the cable the better it is in my book. I can easily say that I like it better than any cable I previous have owned.
    The price of the Sunrise is $70. I certainly believe that this is a great price particular when compared to some the very high prices we see other CIEM being sold for these days. 
    Comparing the Sunrise's price/quality kind of backwards. Then the cable next to the Sunrise in the picture below is a cable that typically can be purchased for around $30-40. When I compare these two cables straight up I have no doubt at all that the Sunrise is better in any way and for many I believe that it would be well worth sacrificing the additional $30-40.
  2. kenman345
    adding this to the list now.
  3. Jupiterknight
    That's actually quite an impressive list you have going there, extremely informative and organized. All my respect!
  4. kenman345
    I know of only 1 cable that should deserve to be on the list that currently is not. That would be the Magnus cable from Heir Audio. Technically it's aftermarket and not exactly stock. It also is a confirmed working cable. I was thinking of adding it when I find a review of it. 
    Anyways, yea, it's complete besides ebay retailers. I don't include anything that I have not gotten confirmation that it works in UE sockets or westone/JH/UM sized sockets. Some cables surprisingly dont meet this criteria, so I don't include them. Thanks for helping me include more information for readers to see with your review. 
  5. Pingupenguins
    Wow, thanks for the review! Though it was all on build quality, I didn't feel it missed anything!
  6. noobandroid
    after dragging around, and shooting emails over and over with brian, finally dropped the bomb on sunrise, it costs hefty amount in my currency, and hope it will be worth the while, but i have faith in good guy bryan
  7. noobandroid
    ordered this morning, and it has been shipped off this afternoon (my country time), unbelievable!!! total respect on him!
  8. tomscy2000
    Yep, I think you'll like the cable a lot. I just finished a mini-review of my own cable HERE.

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