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Summit-fi for bassheads?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Random Lunatic, Jul 20, 2019.
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  1. Litlgi74
    Love, Love, Love the TH900s for bass! But they do come in second in every other category when compared to my Abyss 1266 CCs... (Haven't heard the TCs yet)

    I sold my TH900s thinking I would be okay with just my 1266 CCs... Big mistake. Now I'm stuck with the choice of upgrading to 1266 TCs or getting another pair of TH900s.
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  2. Random Lunatic
    If Fostex would just make a version without that absolutely murderous treble, they'd be great! I regret selling mine too, but my ears don't... I sold them because I was literally getting lasting ear fatigue from them - To which the LCD-4 then responded "hold my beer" and made it even worse...
    I'd love an abyss, if I could get it with a different headband, so it doesn't look like the unfortunate lovechild of a drunken one-night stand between a waffle iron and a vice... If they attached the cups to an Audeze style headband or something that look even better.
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  3. Litlgi74
    Did you try to EQ the treble of the TH900s? I was able to tame it down quite a bit with TH610 pads and the EQ if my RME ADI-2 DAC.

    I listen to my Abyss while laying in bed... So the headband isn't a problem for me... But in order to get the best bass extension... The Abyss 1266 headphones do require a sloppy fit... But the TH900s where almost as sloppy. But unlike the Abyss system... there is really no risk of them falling off your head if you had an unexpected sneeze.
  4. Random Lunatic
    I think I tried a bit, but at the end of the day, having to EQ a headphone I paid 2000$ when it was new, just seemed laughable (even more so with the LCD-4)... Might try again since I've gotten a DAP with EQ capabilities since, but the same thing does still apply.
    And yea, I'd like a tighter fit on the TH900 or my current TH600 for that matter too, but its still leagues better than the abyss - especially since I wear my headphones out and about at times... and yea, as cool as the Cybermen from Dr.Who look, I dont think this is generally socially acceptable...
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
  5. Happy Camper
    You want some slam in your phones, try a decent speaker amp.
  6. Random Lunatic
    Been there done that. Wasn't exactly portable, and the benefits vs. a well tuned headphone amp weren't really notable on anything short of the HE-6
  7. Litlgi74
    Skullcandy? Lol
  8. Random Lunatic
    I added an image to the spoiler to clarify my point... :p
  9. chimney189
    I doubt you’ll find anything better than the Fostex TH-X00 series.
  10. Litlgi74
    I think you are just going to have to wait and buy another pair of TH900s on the used market and EQ them.

    That's what I think I'm going to do
  11. jmills8
    But I have been using the th900 on the go , seven days a week for years.
  12. mixman
    What didn't you like about the LCD 4?
  13. Random Lunatic
    Would be faster to say what I liked: The materials its made of, and maybe the precision of the bass and detail was probably good... But the sound stage was only decent, the upper treble was some of the most fatiguing I've come across, even more than the TH900, which was accentuated further since unlike the TH900 the LCD-4 had underwhelming bass quantity, and no real physical slam or impact in the bass. The upper midrange/lower treble was recessed, but because of the upper treble being so peaky, even the lower mid ended up taking a back seat. So over all it was just a headphone as bright as my HD800, but with peaky high treble, making it far more fatiguing, worse soundstage, subdued upper midrange, making it sound dull, and less impact in the bass despite better extension... Basically meant because it sounded dull, I kept turning up the volume in an attempt to compensate, which was murder on my ears due to the peaks above 8kHz... And with a simple EQ I could make my HD800 sound the same, except still with better soundstage.
    All round the headphone was just a mess. It was the first Audeze to reach the level of detail I was after, like the HD800, but as Tyll Hertsens mentioned, it also highlighted everything wrong with their driver design in the process.
    And since I got them in hopes of a warm/dark/better bass alternative to the HD800 I tried to EQ them heavily to fix these problems, but at the end of the day I could apply the same EQs to the HD800 with far better results... So just a flat out failure to me...

    Still love Audeze's industrial design and solid feel, for what its worth...
  14. Random Lunatic
    I have already tried them, and loved them, but the build/design just makes them not an option for me... Its rare that someone manages to design something so ridiculously that its a deal breaker for me, but they sadly managed it. I might wanna try a Diana, unless they some day figure out putting a more practical design on the Abyss...
  15. Random Lunatic
    Had the 900, was much too fatigueing in the treble, have a TH600, and a 9200. The 600 is less fatigueing than the 900, but also not as great. The 9200 is just a different thing entirely - not a bass headphone really, more of a neutral/reference tuning. Just an overall too light weight/bright sound for what I'm after here... Its probably one of the best closed headphones in terms of price/performance/build/usability, quite good as an all rounder, but not exactly a basshead can IMO...
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