Suggestions to upgrade from ES-7
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New Head-Fier
Jan 20, 2012
Hi everyone, noobie here.
I've recently got into the audiophile world and my previous gears are ath-es7 and m50s.
I have listened to the m50s for awhile and sold them as i do not like the m50 sound signature. Find it to have a bit of recessed mids and i like my es7 more.
So recently, im thinking of upgrading from my es7. I'm confused to whether i should get the DT880 250ohm,  esw9, or HD 558.
I'm also aware of the price difference between HD 558 compared to the other 2.
Portability does not matter to me as i can still use my es7 for portable use.
I will be driving these headphones with a fiio e17.
I mainly listen to pop and classical music.
I would like my headphones to sound good with female vocals and for it to have a wide soundstage.
Instrument seperation should be good. Clarity and details will also be an added advantage.
I'm more concerned about mid-range and treble than bass as i am not a bass head.
As my es7 has bright sound, i would prefer my next headphones to have a warmer sound and does not cause much fatique in using for hours.
Anyone has any advice on which one i should upgrade to?
Would appreciate other recommendations too!
Thank you very much!! :)
( I apologize for my bad english. XD)

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