suggestions please: <$180 USD, Electro and Pop, closed full size headphones? also need amp/usb sound card recommendations
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Oct 7, 2012
so far i've looked at: 
beyerdynamic 770 pro 250 ohms
bd 880
bd 990
sennheiser 558
sh 598
creative aurvana live
-comfortable (so ath-50 is a no-no)
-new (so d2k is a no-no)
-less than $180 usd, including shipping
-i'd like to buy from amazon preferably. they have good return policy and good prices
-i have a big head and therefore most likely big ears too
-i listen to a lot of electro, house, and pop. (my two most viewed youtubers are spinninrec and pandoramusic)
if it is any help at all, i currently own klipsch s4i's...they're supposedly bass heavy in-ear headphones
i'm looking for a headphones that i will use exclusively at home. any road use is for my klipsch
also, if the headphone you suggest benefits a lot from an amp, please leave amp suggestions! my computer uses onboard sound, and its pretty terrible
ESSENTIALLY, what i'm asking for here is:
-headphone recommendations
-amp recommendations
-usb sound card recommendations
also, some nooby questions:
-what exactly does "soundstage" mean...i hear a lot of people say how the AD700s have a really good soundstage...
-what do ohms do in headphones...specifically about the bd there any diff between 35 ohm, 80 ohm, 250 ohm, and 600 ohm?
-what do amps do? how do i use them (e.g. do they plug into usb on a comp or what...)
-what is a dac?
-what is the difference between premium and pro headphones from the beyer line?
-does the beyer 990 have significant leakage? i'm looking into those instead of the 770s
remember, amp/usb sound card/headphones don't have to be portable at all. 
the sound card and amp will always be connected to my computer at all times. my headphones will almost be used exclusively at my desktop, and sometimes while relaxing in bed.
if i am traveling, i will never bring any of those things, since i already have in-ear earphones for travel use.
tl;dr: i'm not really looking for a portable amp, like the fii 07. i just want a good amp that's relatively cheap. 
thanks so much

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