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Suggestions over ear headphones with great bass

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by isidorsson, Sep 20, 2011.
  1. isidorsson
    I am a rookie within the sound quality genre but I really love music and I'm tired of listening to music with crappy in ear headphones. What I'm looking for is some really good over-ear headphones that don't look to bulky or ugly. I care about the sound and the looks.
    I am listening to music on my iPhone using spotify which streams in 128 or 256kbit or something like that, low or high quality. It's the same as iTunes. The music Im listening to most is indie-rock, rap and house. I am not looking for anything too serious like carrying around a portable headphone amplifier or what ever but Im still looking for some good quality. I wanted to buy beats by dre studio first (yeah I know you all think they totally sux but I'm a rookie so I can think whatever I want haha). But i read some reviews and I have probably decided not to buy them. 
    To sum up everything, can anyone please help me finding some really good looking over-ear headphones with great sound and a very nice bass around 200 dollars?
  2. MalVeauX
    What you think looks good is relative. Give some examples of headphones that you think look good?
    Otherwise, I think this one can be done in one step: Vmoda M80.
    Very best,
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  3. fabio-fi
    Some ultrasones? 
  4. isidorsson


    I really love the look of the beats by dre studio. They are not too bulky and i like the fact that the cups doesn't look like to big balls on your head. The ear cups on the Beats are ellipse shaped and the top is cut of which i love. I like when the shape is round or ellipse. I don't fancy shapes like rectangular or whatever. I do like Shure SRH840
    Here are someones I do like:
    Ultrasone Dj 1 proUltrasone HFI 780
    What i think look good on the beats is also that they have like a plastic band over the head. (the same on Shure). A plus would also be if it is possible to have a mic on them. Not like a gaming mic but for my mobile. I like Shure SRH 850 and beats the most.
    Thank you!
  5. Parall3l
    OP, that headphone you linked looks a lot like the HD25 and DT1350. The DJ1 PRO is very bulky IMO and I would recommend against them if you want portability.  
  6. megazord530
    Audiotechnica M50/M30 are very good and easy to drive since they don't require a portable amp. Other than that the Sennheiser HD25-1 II has an amazing bass and are the best DJ headphones in the business but they would require a portable amp to be driven to a decent level.
  7. isidorsson
    I don't want to be forced to carry around a portable amplifier. If I should have a studio/monitor pair that have to have that integrated with the headphones, like beats by dre (?). I am going to use them with my iPhone wherever I will be at. On my bike, in school etc. THough they don't have to be portable. I van have them around my neck or something, the reason I don't want them too big is just because I don't like the look of too bulky phones. I Want a really kick ass bass but they should also be able to play other music well. I want headphones that cover my whole ear and are closed so no sound leaks out. Just passive sound canceling. If it is possible its good if they have a mic for my mobile. 
    Can anyone please give me tips about any model that have somewhere similar design as beats by dre studio. Are the Shur SRH840 good or do I have to have a amp for that?
  8. Parall3l

    Everything that outputs sound have an amp inside it, the amp inside the beats is for ANC (active noise cancelling). Personally, a supra aural (on ear) headphone would suit your needs better since you want them around your neck and dislike bulky headphones. Isolation and bikes = unsafe. What exactly is your definition of kick ass bass ? Quantity or quality ? Seems like you really liked the idea of the beats but the bad reviews made you think twice about the sound quality. Hopefully some one with the V-moda Crossfades would notice this thread and give their opinions because those cans looks like something you might want. Haven't heard them but from the reviews it looks like its your thing.
  9. isidorsson


    thank you for your suggestion! I know that probably on-ear would be more safe but Im really into over-ear phones. I don't really know the right terms but maybe i mead its a bass boaster in them or something, I don't remember. I don't really care for active noise canceling, I personally think that is unnecessary, passive is good enough for me. But when I put them on I don't want to be able to hear the things around me, they have to be closed. Yeah your right, I really like the idea of beats and I want both quality and quantity. As I said Im a rookie but I think the bass in beats is really loud, which I like but is doesn't feel like its the best quality. I want something in between. Beats have 2 AAA batteries which boosts the bass, that would be nice to have.
  10. Parall3l


    The 2 AAA batteries doesn't boost the bass, it powers the headphone's ANC circuits. The digizoid ZO is something you might want to look at if you are thinking about a bass boost amp, I'm actually in a competition to win right now. FiiO E6 should be good for you too. Many headphones, such as the beats, are designed to be bassy by itself. These cans are generally nick named basshead cans. The Crossfades have an around the ear version and that should interest you.
    Good luck [​IMG]
  11. Croozer

  12. MalVeauX

    The SRH840's are excellent. No amp needed. Go for it.
    Very best,
  13. isidorsson
    Okey so I went to Media market today which is a huge electronic store and tried out many many models. I found out some things. First, Beats by dre studio totally sucks. Second, I really like the sound in AKG K518 LE and they are pretty cheap (105USD). The down side is that they are not around-ear. They stay on the ears and I didn't find them that comfortable. If I should by some headphones that isn't in-ear I want them to fit on my ears nice. A pretty weird thing (maybe because Im not a pro) is that I thought Beats by dre Pro actually had nice bass and sound quality. Not as bad as studio. I liked the bass in AKG really much too. the up side with Beats is as I said before that I find them good looking, although Pro in bulky. I have found them for 225USD new on the similar thing to Ebay in sweden which is kind of cheap considering they cost like 500USD in stores. Can anyone recommend any headphones now that I told yo guys what sound and design I like? And which of the following listed is the best?
    1. AKG K518 LE                (105USD) 
    2. Beats by dre STUDIO     (200USD)
    3. Beats by dre PRO          (225USD)
    4. V-moda crossfade          (350USD)
    5. Shure SRH840               (210USD) (any other suggestions for shure?)
    6. Other recommendations?
  14. Gurloes
    I wouldn't say Beats totally suck, but they are very overpriced for what you get IMO. You're paying mainly for the look & Dre's name to be put on them, not for sound quality. 
    And sound is subjective to the listener, if you've listened to Beats & you like the sound, then maybe they're the right ones for you.
    I'd say the ATH-M50, AKG K518 LE or Ultrasone HFI 780 are a better choice & sound better to my ears.
  15. jasonb
    look into the AIAIAI TMA-1. small, sealed, very sensitive so you wont need an amp.

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