suggestions on other options for 1/4" chassis jack than neutrik?
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Feb 7, 2007
hey all, im putting together a nice dark mahogany cased MHMax, and im currently trying to figure out what would look best as the 1/4" headphone out on the front. the problem is, the panel is pretty thick, almost an inch thick id say. i COULD use the stock style neutrik connectors that many people use stock on the millet max (with the shiny chrome bezel on the front), if i drilled out the back of the front panel a bit. but id almost prefer to go with something a bit more solid, perhaps one of the square locking neutrik 1/4" connectors. i have a couple in black, with the red locking tabs, but i fear it might just make the overall wood/classy look of my amp deteriorate? does anyone know of any other options , perhaps outside of the neutrik domain? im in canada so id need to be able to order em to here, but any suggestions would be great.
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I don't mean to sound harsh, but have you used the search funtion, browsed the "pictures of your builds thread" or internet search engines(google, yahoo)??
You keep starting new threads asking simple questions that would be answered by a quick search.
Take this as a constructive opinion, please.

That said, AMB used a switchcraft 1/4 on some of his builds that is pretty long and has nice looks!
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any idea on where to order the switchcrafts in canada? im only familiar with takefiveaudio really other than the big ones like digikey, suggestions on somewhere that might carry it?
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I'd personally recommnd against neutrik. I hated them-too bulky, tend to shake the socket.

lol, which is what my concerns were. so what WOULD u recommend then / where to order em from?
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Originally Posted by Gross /img/forum/go_quote.gif
apparently I am a bad suggester. It does not look like Mouser carries the switchcraft version.

Yes they do.

Mouser 502-152B, or
Digikey SC1035-ND.

These are not isolated, and thus for most amps need to be mounted on a non-metallic panel (which isn't connected to chassis ground).

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