Suggestions for new set up
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Sep 10, 2007
In view of starting a new job with a longer commute I'm changing my portable audio rig for something that will be used daily for at least 2 hours, therefore I'm currently considering new gear.

My source at the moment is a Huawei P30 (non pro and UK model).

I'm currently considering:

Keeping my source as is, but getting an es1000 or similar for flexibility (if I use my Huawei tablet it has no headphone jack) this way both sources could be used and I have the flex of plugging in or BT

Or, I could opt for a completely solus source intended for the purpose of music only

Then iems, listening to mainly dance /edm and some general chart/pop plus a bit of 80's stuff (no rock or metal)

Not sure on iems yet, was looking at Lypertek Tevi for BT but if getting the Es1000 there'd be little point

Budget for everything would be maximum £500 if getting Iems and new source

About £150 if just iems

Another thing as well....

I'd possibly also like a set of on/over ear headphones as well

So plenty to consider with a hopefully reasonable budget
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Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 or if you like more bass, the ATH-WS99 headphones.
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Small update on this...

Sorted iems - purchased some Moondrop KXXS - got them at a good price which was hard to pass up on

Now just deciding on the source

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