suggestions for mid-level IEM's
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Jul 20, 2009
I am new to this site and I want a pair of IEM's. my budget is $250 and i was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction, any help would be of great appreciation.
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You can buy pretty much any IEM, except maybe the UM3X's for $250, if you go used.

Agreed with the above people. What's your source/music player. Ipod 5th Gen? Cowon D2? What types of music? Classical? Source file encoding? Are they FLAC? 192 KBPS mp3's? Do you have small ears? What kind of sound do you like?

How important is comfort? Etc.
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For 250 you can get almost any... IEM on the market at a used price.. but only if you look around enough.
But new I have the PFE112s which can be had for around 120 at their site... which are amazing. But uh... yea; what genres do you listen to?

It would help if we knew that stuff; also if you have an amp or not.
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Woah I should have kept up with this thread. I listen to rock and classical music I guess my ears are of average size, something even and good I want to jam out with rock but still be able to really enjoy the classical music.
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You can buy pretty much any IEM, except maybe the UM3X's for $250, if you go used.

Agreed. You'll be happier with a used top-end than with any midlevel. My current walkaround phones are a used set of Atrios, and only my RE0s approach them in quality among the midrange. (And RE0s are a bit too good to seriously be considered midrange phones.)

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