Suggestions for decent non-isolating sport earphones
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Apr 13, 2004
I'm looking for some decent sport earphones that do not completely isolate outside noise. I will use them for walking and I need to be aware of my surroundings. I would prefer ones that are sweat proof. I always have trouble getting earphones to stay put so maybe some that have the "fins" on them to lock them in. Or maybe even ones with clips or a behind-the-head band.
I tried the Yurbuds but I'm not happy with them. The smaller tips don't stay in well enough but the larger ones hurt my ears. Also I'm not impressed with the sound quality. I'm not looking for reference-quality sound, just somewhat decent and full. The Yurbuds sound too "thin" to me.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Oh, I would prefer them to cost under around $150.00 US.


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