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Suggestions for a first-time buyer?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dancetoexpress, Feb 1, 2011.
  1. DancetoExpress
    Hello Head-Fiers! I posted asking for advice in the "Don't start a new thread" thread, but I have trouble finding it, so I am sheepishly making a new thread.. I'm not what you would call an audiophile, but I certainly do notice the little things in audio more than the average person (or so I think). I have no prior experience with headphone purchase, heck the only audio equipment I own is my Logitech ClearChat Pro USB (headset for general gaming lol) and DiddyBeats (Before you go crazy and attack me for owning them, I won them as part of a Beats Facebook contest).
    Though I certainly do enjoy my DiddyBeats(huge step up from the default Apple headphones), I'm looking to buy over-the-ear headphones because I find them more... comfortable. My needs are not really specific; I don't demand more bass or anything like that, I just want something that is: noise-canceling(or at least blocks out sound), gives good sound on a wide range of music styles (pop, rock, indie), and here's the killing point (affordable/great for the price). Like I said before, I don't really have prior experience with headsets, but I was impressed by the Beats by Dre demos at Best Buy and such stores. (Yes, I know people find Beats atrocious compared to Sennheiser and such).
    So to sum it all up, I'm looking for some guidance on purchasing headphones that are affordable for a college student (willing to spend up to $200), sound good with different genres of music, and aesthetics are a plus (Yes, I like how Beats look, but I'd much rather have sound quality>looks). I'm just going to be using the headphones for.. casual listening/studying. Another useful feature I would like is to have headphones without sound leaking, because well.. I don't want other people hearing my music in a quiet setting (like a library).
    I hope this isn't rambling on too much, and thanks in advance!
    Edit: I would be using the headphones for my computer/laptop/iPod, so yeah.. I don't have a Soundblaster card or anything :\
    I'm open for any suggestions; a friend of mine suggested the MDR-7506

  2. winma
    Welcome to head-fi!
    After reading all your requirements, the ATH-M50's come to my mind. 
    They are good performing different music genres, minimal leakage, sound good unamped, and great SQ. 
  3. DancetoExpress
    Ooh, the ATH-M50 does look quite nice.
  4. Headphonez


    Yea, definitely the M50S!
    To me, the M50s are kinda an all purpose headphone and thats just want you want.(some people might have different opinions)
    Amazon they sell for around $160 which is within your budget but the price will sometimes change
    But there are plenty of other options as well, just look around the forums [​IMG]
  5. DancetoExpress

    Haha, I was just looking these up on Amazon. I see that a seller has them for around $120, so that's not too bad. It's certainly a lot better than the Beats by Dre I was fascinated by (looks-wise). But how portable are these? Say I wanted to go for a walk with it and my iPod. I'm not expecting them to be super-portable, that'd just be a plus in my book.
    Edit: Well after looking at a bunch of reviews and being recommended these, I purchased the M50s :) I can't wait for my first "real" headset :)
  6. Headphonez

    they are noticeable, but not TOO big
    this is just a pic from google, and it kinda shows how big they are on the head
    these are all the things that the M50s comes with, as you can see it's some-what collapsible and plus it includes a carrying pouch thing!
    Edit- Congrats on your new headphones! [​IMG]
  7. DaveLinx
    The Sony's your friend recomended are not bad. I have the MDR-V6 (very similar) and though not loved around here, they are great headphones that I enjoy eventhough I have more expensive ones. Easy to drive, built like a tank and a truly classic headphone that I have no regrets about getting and keeping. (Can't say the same about my DT990's which is much more of a love/hate relationship.)
  8. JSoriginal
    +1 for the sony's being portable and a solid performer quite tough headphones too in the last 2 years I have had them they sure took a beating and still look new.
    ATH-m50's are well respected around here from what I have seen so far, i would suggest if you are close to any music stores to go and see if you can audition them. you could also start a thread looking for a close headfi'er with a pair that would let you audition.
    Best of luck.
    @ Dave, looks like i am following you around with your v6's everywhere... 
  9. classakg


    We look forward for impressions. They are nice hp's for the money. 
  10. DancetoExpress


    Oh don't worry, I'll be sure to give my impressions once I get them hehe. They're going to get here around Thursday and I can't wait x-x
  11. JSoriginal
    Congrats on the new purchase, just be warned... don't be surprised if in 2-3 months you are broke as a joke and constantly wanting to buy more equipment to push the limits of how awesome music can sound. I know I am on a downward spiral in that direction, Thanks Head-Fi...
    Cheers mate & anxious to hear what you think coming up from consumer grade best buy type stuff.
  12. ssavage
    I bring my M50s to school like once a week :3 pretty portable if i say so myself. also, they can turn and rest on your breasts kinda if you hang them on your neck. a lot of hps cant turn left to right 
  13. desktophifi


    Do you have pictures? [​IMG]
  14. JamesMcProgger


    I remain eskeptical at words.
  15. Confispect


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