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suggestion: search and sort by thread start date and most recent posts

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by Orac, Nov 9, 2017.
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  1. Orac
    Predictably, regular posters don't like the questions that are asked perennially and tend to ignore them, so it's really unhelpful for new users. Finding specific recommendations is difficult and the search system isn't helping enough.

    Advanced search has a check box for search by titles and radio buttons for relevance and recency, but I'm finding it's difficult to pin down pertinent search results that are current. So many products discussed pre 2015-2016 are discontinued, limiting the usefulness of the comments. In the hopes it may be an improvement, I'd like to suggest:

    Drop down search box - an option to change the sort order, perhaps in the form of radio buttons to select a sort order from:
    • thread start date (most recent)
    • latest / most recent post
    • relevance
    Advanced search - as above sort order options, and maybe a radio button option to search the previous year, two years and maybe three years.

    Can keyword searches also be limited to yield much more specific results? e.g. if I search by the word imaging, I see results for the Klipsch Image as well as the image tag. Those aren't what I'm looking for, so either the search needs to be much more specific by default, or it should be possible to search for exact matches only. Perhaps by putting quote marks around the word?

    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
  2. joe Administrator
    Hello @Orac, thank you for your input. We'll take it under consideration as improving the search results is on our roadmap of improvements we want to make to the site.
  3. Orac
    Thanks for the response Joe.

    If I may I would like to expand my criticism and suggestion to the Head Gear section. I used the reviews for a short time before the Head-Fi website update went live, and the section was pretty good before the update. Since the updated I find it quite awkward and it's too hidden.

    It would be an immediate and significant improvement to have an obvious navigation to the categories and user reviews. I've only just figured out that I can find a specific item, then work back on the navigation tree to find the category I want and add it to my subscribed categories. It's a very clumsy workaround, I'd like to see a straightforward menu on either or both of the Head Gear drop down menu and the Head Gear homepage

    Additionally, while looking at the list of products in any particular category, it would be very useful if current prices and availability/discontinued status were clearly displayed, and price being one of the sort options with an option to filter out discontinued products. I guess this would also be an ideal opportunity to place referral links and links to sponsor's store pages.

    Finally while viewing by top rated items it may be helpful to filter according to a minimum number of reviews, a single review can be helpful but a consensus is more useful.

    Thank again.
  4. joe Administrator
    Thanks again, @Orac , for your input. The Head Gear section is also in the roadmap for improvements, as well.
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