Suggestion between AK380+Amp and Focal Utopia both in similar budget range, where to spend
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New Head-Fier
Oct 23, 2016
N00b here, and first time post.
I'm a fellow head-fi enthusiast mostly listening to various ranges of music through headphones, though i do occasionally listen from the speakers (Bose mainly).
I would like to get member suggestions, recommendations on where one might be able to spend ~$4,000 in next head-fi gear.
My current setup which isn't any earth shaking by any mean, includes,
a) desktop
Roon -->> HQPlayer NAA -->> NAA Sonore microRendu / LPS-1 -->> OPPO HA-1 -->> balanced -->> OPPO PM-1
Audirvana Plus -->> Meridian Audio Explorer 2 DAC (mainly for MQA decoding) -->> RCA --> OPPO HA-1 -->> balanced -->> OPPO PM-1


b) portable
AK320  (using balanced output)
Onkyo DP-X1 (mainly for MQA playbacks) (using balanced output)
OPPO PM-3 (balanced cable)
I'm looking for my next place for upgrade, and seeing going back-forth between,
* AK380 + Amp (portable only)
* Focal Utopia (can be used in portable and in desktop)
I'm wondering what would make the bigger bang to my existing setup, whether AK380 or Focal Utopia headphone.
The rationale for AK380 + Amp is that, that would put me at top tier in portable solution for hopefully long time to come.
But Focal Utopia, i've auditioned that headphone in local stereo shope using my AK320 and Onkyo DP-X1, listening side by side with my OPPO PM-1, both headphones in balanced cables, and i do see Utopia as great addition to my current setup.
So, AK380 + Amp?
Or, Focal Utopia?
Thanks much.



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